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Warrant Officer R. R. WICKS and Crew

Crew of JB472 on last mission:
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Service No. Rank Initials Surname Unit Disposition
409356 W/O R.R. WICKS RAAF Killed
411685 F/Sgt N.J. EDMONDS RAAF Killed
1432681 Sgt P.E. WELLS RAF Killed
416296 W/O R.K. THOMAS RAAF Killed
21442 P/O R.E. INGLIS RAAF Killed
403616 W/O K.A. WOOD RAAF Killed

According to the 156 Squadron Operations Record Book (ORB), W/O Wicks and crew flew their first mission with Squadron on 23/11/1943 to Berlin, closely followed by another mission to Berlin on the 26/11/43 and then their final mission, also to Berlin on the 2/12/1943. A total of only nine days with the Squadron. On the second mission P/O J. V. Scrivener substituted for the regular 2nd Navigator W/O Thomas.

Their final mission, to Berlin, on the 2/12/1943 took off from Warboys  at 17:12, and crashed near Fallingbostel where those who died were first buried. Since 1945, their remains have been interred in Becklingen War Cemetery. Although not unique, it was unusual to find a near all Australian crew flying with a non-RAAF squadron. (details from Chorley's Bomber Command Losses)

There was only one survivor from the loss,  F/Sgt Norman McDonald. who was captured and held in Stalag IV-B, one of the largest POW camps in Germany.

The partial crew photo show them standing in front of JA697, which they flew to Berlin on 26/11/43. This aircraft, JA697 with F/Lt Staniland as captain  was lost on the same mission to Berlin on the 2/12/193. Quite an unfortunate coincidence!

The  Crew Photo is courtesy of the Australian War Memorial

Grave photos  from my own collection.