Path Finder Force - Roll of Honour


I found a Honour Roll some years ago on the Web, and have never been able to locate it again. The information was presented as a "Pathfinder Force Roll of Honour". I now believe it originated from Mahaddie's book  - "Hamish - the Memoirs of G/C T.G. Mahaddie"

When researching the 156 Squadron entries, I found several errors and many omissions in this Roll . I have recently taken time out from my 156 Squadron research to present the roll with more details and (hopefully) most of the omissions and errors corrected.

For my sources I have used W.R. Chorley's magnificent work, "RAF Bomber Command Losses",  and have cross referenced this to the Commonwealth War Graves database. This approach however, will not reveal all casualties, as there were many individual losses that did not result in an aircraft loss. Some of these are noted in Mahaddie's work and are therefore included here, others will be added subsequently, as I have time to check individual Squadron records, or am notified by members of the public.

The format of the Roll is different to that used in the Squadron site as I wished to include other details, such as loss of aircraft, injured, and POW details which are available for 156 Squadron members in separate areas on the Squadron site.

The database currently contains details of over 1000 individual sorties, 5300 aircrew, 750 POWs, and 3300 casualties.

If you have knowledge of anyone who is omitted then please contact me with their details.

Note: This Roll of Honour only relates to the time a Squadron was part of 8 Group Pathfinder Force