Hamish: the story of a Pathfinder


HAMISH The Memoirs of Group Captain T.G. Mahaddie DSO,DFC,AFC CZMC, CENG, FRAeS

This book provides an interesting but somewhat anecdotal insight  into the creation and operations of the Pathfinder Force.

I believe this book is probably the source of the somewhat incomplete Pathfinder Roll of Honour which is also on this site.

From my point of view the most interesting feature of this book was contained in an Appendix:

"A secret report issued by the Luftwaffe in March 1944 on British Pathfinder Operations" declared that 'the success of a large-scale night raid by the RAF is in increasing measure dependent on the conscientious flying of the Pathfinder crews'. and at the same time to quote 'Bomber Harris', 'the customer is seldom wrong'".

This report contains a very good description of the method of operations of a Pathfinder Squadron, and whilst I am unable to judge it to be 100% correct, it does summarise very effectively what I have read in other places.

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