156 Squadron Logs

The process of entering the Squadron logs is nearing completion with only a short period from April 1945 yet to be entered.

In a lot of instances the Logs are difficult to read and contain misleading, and sometimes incorrect data. The transcription process will also be the cause of some errors.

 A large "Data Cleansing" exercise is next on the agenda.

I am happy to hear from anyone regarding any corrections.

All details regarding aircraft losses have been gleaned from Chorley's excellent reference books "Bomber Command Losses of WWII".

All crew losses have been verified against the Commonwealth War Graves site. The only exceptions being the losses involving USAAF and Norwegian Airforce members.

Other  details have been supplied from various sources, with a major contributor being Alan Chambers.

Some Statistics:
Missions:             575
Targets:              250
Sorties:             4850
Crew Trips:     32500
Crew Details:    2400
Roll of Honour:   900