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Flight Lieutenant William Nicholas BINGHAM

Serial Number: 53926
RAF Trade: Flight Engineer
Date of Enlistment: Not Known
Rank Achieved: Flight Lieutenant
Operational Sorties: 8 Ops with 156 Squadron.
Date of Birth: Not Known

Personal Details:
Son of William and Annie Bingham; husband of Marjorie Bingham, of Leiston, Suffolk

F/L Bingham was the Squadron Engineer Leader, given his rank and position it is almost certain that he served with another Squadron previously.

T/o 1823 Upwood. Crashed at Koln-Rodenkirchen following a direct hit from flak. All were laid to rest alongside the airmen of 582 Squadron who had died nearly a week previous. Their graves are now in Rheinberg War Cemetery. W/C Falconer had commanded 156 Squadron for a shade over five weeks. He had just completed a five hour mission to Koblenz prior to this raid and there was only a gap of one and a half hours from his return from that mission to the commencement of this one. His operational tally stood at 55 sorties. F/L Bingham was the Squadrons Flight Engineer Leader. (details from Chorley's Bomber Command Losses)

W/C Falconer and F/L Bingham were standing in for the regular Pilot and Flight Engineer who had been wounded on a mission the prior night.

I believe that the story was that when the plane came down the airmen where buried in a grave near the site of the crash. We also believe that the story was told by a disabled young girl who every day put flowers onto the site before they were moved to the commonwealth cemetery at Rheinberg. (details from Sharon Bingham)

The  details and photographs on this page were supplied by his granddaughter  Sharon Bingham