156 Squadron Log
Award Date Citation / Reference Squadron
DFM  11/08/1942  Aus. 401243 Sergeant Hugh Alexander MCLENNAN, Royal Australian Air Force, No. 156 Squadron.

One night in July, 1942, this airman was the wireless operator of an aircraft detailed to attack Duisburg.
When nearing the target area, the pilot was compelled to dive the aircraft violently, and Sergeant McLennan was thrown from his position in the astro-hatch. A box of incendiary bombs broke loose from its stowage, and the contents were scattered in the rear of the aircraft.
One of the bombs became ignited, setting a further one alight and filling the aircraft with sparks and smoke. With his bare hands Sergeant McLennan picked up one of the blazing bombs and endeavoured to throw it out through the escape hatch. He was unable to open the hatch but, with great presence of mind, he pushed the burning bomb through the fabric of the fuselage.
In spite of burns to his hands, he picked up the remaining bomb and disposed of it in a similar manner. By his prompt and courageous action, this airman averted an extremely serious situation.

14/08/42 ***35667***3555***