156 Squadron Log
Award Date Citation / Reference Squadron
DFM  26/02/1943  WHITE, FS Murray Edward (R84748) - Distinguished Flying Medal - No.156 Squadron

Award effective 26 February 1943 as per London Gazette dated 2 March 1943 and AFRO 513/43 dated 26 February 1943.

Home in Centreville, New Brunswick;
enlisted in Moncton, 7 February 1941.
Trained at No.1 ITS, No.6 EFTS and No.10 SFTS.

One night in February 1943, Flight Sergeant White was the pilot of an aircraft detailed to attack Turin. While over the target area the aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft fire. A large splinter damaged the mainplane and the port inner tank causing one engine to fail.
On the return journey, when crossing the Alps, all moveable equipment was jettisoned in an effort to maintain height. Much petrol was lost but, displaying superb airmanship and great tenacity Flight Sergeant White flew the damaged aircraft back to this country with one engine out of action. His great skill and courage set a fine example.