156 Squadron Log
Award Date Citation / Reference Squadron
BEM  1/01/1942  Awarded BEM 01.01.1942. Recommendation from Ballon Command:

"On the night of 1st January 1941, during a severe air raid attack, a landmine demolished the billet at Temple Gardens London occupied by the crew. The Corporal in charge and two other memebrs of the crew were gravely injured.

Corporal Westgate took charge of the situation, extricated the injured men and made the neccessary arrangements for them to be taken to hospital. Although severly shaken himself he arranged for flight headquarters to be informed of the incident in spite of the fact that telephone telecommunication had been severed. Both he and other members of the crew worked ceaselessly through the night to rescue as much equipment as possible.

On another occasion during the heavy raid of the 10th May 1941 this airman again took charge when most of the buildings surrounding the Ballon site had caught fire. Both he and the crew fought the flames although unsuccessfully, and it was found neccessary to abandon the site in the early hours of the morning. It was mainly due to Corporal Westgate's collness and organisation that nearly all of the equipment was saved."