156 Squadron Log
Award Date Citation / Reference Squadron
Distinguished Flying Cross.
Pilot Officer Willmot Bernard DALGLEISH (Can/J.S5337)/ R.C.A.F, 156 Sqn.

Distinguished Flying Medal.
1577300 Sergeant Lawrence Allan BRIDGES, R.A.F.V.R., 156 Sqn. ;
1321795 Sergeant Edgar James KILMINSTER,R.A.F.V.R., 156 Sqn

As navigator, wireless operator and flight engineer respectively this officer and airmen have participated in a large number of attacks on well defended targets. They have at all times displayed a high standard of efficiency, zeal and resolution and have proved themselves to be valiant members of aircraft crew.

On one occasion they took part in an air attack on an enemy railway junction. During the operation the aircraftr was attacked by fighters and sustained extensive damage. A fire broke out near the bomb bay and Sergeant Bridges fought strenuously to quell the flames with extinguishers. Meanwhile, as the bomb release gear had been rendered inoperative, Pilot Officer Dalgleish worked unremittingly to drop the bombs manually, in spite of the proximity of the flames which were finally extinguished. Afterwards, Sergeant Kilminster rendered valuable assistance to his captain in his endeavours to reach this country.

These airmen set a fine example of coolness and courage in harassing circumstances

Full citation below from Tavender's DFM Registry.

L.G. 19/9/1944. Sorties 42, Flying hours 237.35. Flight Engineer. Air2/9159.

During an attack on a marshalling yard near Hasselt on the night of 11th May, 1944, Sergeant Kilminster's aircraft was repeatedly attacked by enemy fighters. Several fires broke out, one a large one in the bomb bay. A full bomb load was on board and the aircraft was full of fumes and smoke.

Sergeant Kilminister was sent to investigate the conditions inside the burning aircraft. He reported that the two gunners had baled out. He then gave valuable assistance to the pilot to control the crippled aircraft.

He showed great courage under arduous conditions in assisting the Bomb Aimer to manually release 18 bombs, the last one being finally released when the aircraft was near the English coast.

After a flight full of hazard and peril during which this N.C.O. performed all the tasks allotted to him coolly and efficiently, the aircraft was successfully landed at a base in this country.

Sergeant Kilminster has completed 42 sorties including 17 sorties with the Pathfinder Force. The targets attacked include heavily defended areas of Germany. This N.C.O. is a Flight Engineer of proved ability and has shown himself to be an efficient and consistently reliable member of his crew and has produced good work under intense enemy opposition.

Sergeant Kilminster has shown a devotion to duty which is hard to excel and I strongly recommend him for the immediate award of the Distinguished Flying Medal.

19th July, 1944.