156 Squadron Log
Award Date Citation / Reference Squadron
DFM  9/11/1943  577497 Flight Sergeant John Charles CHAPMAN, Royal Air Force, No. 156 Squadron.

As flight engineer, this airman has participated in very many sorties, including attacks against such targets as Berlin, Peenemunde, Hamburg and Mannheim.

He is a highly skilled and resolute member of aircraft crew, whose services have proved extremely valuable.

His keenness and devotion to duty have been highly commendable.

Full citation from Tavender's DFM Register.

L.G. 12/11/1943. Sorties 39, Flying hours 239. Flight Engineer. Air2/5011.

This Flight Engineer has taken part in 39 operations against targets in Germany and Italy.
On the night of the 11th/12th June, 1943, while on the outward journey to attack Munster, his aircraft was attacked twice by an enemy fighter which damaged the controls, thus causing the aircraft to dive steeply.
Flight Sergeant Chapman saw that his captain was having difficulty in maintaining control and he promptly went to his assistance, thereby enabling the aircraft to be flown on an even keel again and to carry on and successfully bomb its target.
On the night of 16th/17th of June, 1943, when returning from an attack on Cologne, Flight Sergeant Chapman's aircraft was again attacked by an enemy fighter. A petrol tank was holed and the main oil pipe to the port inner engine shattered. By taking prompt action, he save most of the petrol which otherwise would have been lost and also prevented further damage to the affected engine.
This N.C.O. has always shown great keenness for duties, both flyiing and on the ground, and is considered a most trustworthy and skilful Flight Engineer which is amply demonstrated by the two above mentioned incidents.
His example and devotion to duty make him very worthy of the immediate award of the Distinguished Flying Medal.

18th October, 1943.