156 Squadron Log
Award Date Citation / Reference Squadron
DFM  13/10/1942  1286583 Sergeant William Samuel George BELTON, No. 156 Squadron.

From London Gazette.

One night in September, 1942, this airman was the rear gunner of an aircraft which formed part of a force operating against a target in the Ruhr.

During the bombing run, his aircraft was attacked by a hostile aeroplane but, following an accurate burst from Sergeant Belton's guns, the attacking aircraft burst into flames and afterwards crashed on the ground.

On a previous occasion, when his aircraft was attacked by an enemy fighter,Sergeant Belton skilfully fought it off.

This airman has displayed high courage and skill in the face of enemy fire.

From Tavenders DFM Register.

L.G. 16/10/1942. Sorties 5, Flying hours 25. Air Gunner, Air2/4910

On the night of 16th/17th September 1942, Sergeant Belton was rear gunner of a Wellington aircraft forming part of the illuminators of a Path Finder Force in an attack on an enemy fighter objective at Essen.

During the bombing run, the aircraft was twice attacked by an unidentiified single-engined aircraft believed to be a FW190.
During the first attack, strikes were made on our aircraft and sergeant Belton replied. The enemy aircraft then made a second attack and Sergeant Belton saw his bullets strike the enemy aircraft which immediately burst into flames and was seen by hm to crash on the ground.

On the night of 27th/28th August 1942, he was the rear gunner in a Wellington aircraft as part of the main force to attack Kassel.
His aircraft was attacked by an Me.110 and a number of attacks were made by that aircraft, Sergeant Belton getting strikes on the enemy aircraft whch was last seen diving towards the sea and was claimed as damaged.
Three subsequent attacks were made by unidentified aircraft and although Sergeant Belton again went into action, no strikes were observed.

This Sergeant has taken part on only five major operationsagainst the enemy in the period 25th July 1942 but, as will be seen from the above, has carried out his duties with skill and determination.

21st September 1942