156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Bohlen
Mission Date: 13/02/1945
Mission Comments: 16 aircraft detailed for night operations on two targets. 7 aircraft attacked the oil plant at BOHLEN, near LEIPZIG. 9 aircraft disturbed the peace of the Germans regrouping, resting and reorganising at DRESDEN after their exit to the Reich from Russian territory. This was the first visit of Bomber Command to DRESDEN. Extensive fires were burning from a previous wave. Several explosions were reported, and the town was burning from end to end.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
SW259  Lancaster  S/L COCHRANE  18:40      02:04  07:24  Abortive, Target was covered by 8-10/10ths cloud and as we had instructions from Master Bomber to retain flares and our H2S being U/S we could not drop TI's.  DSCF0212 
PA966  Lancaster  S/L ROBERTSON  18:44  21.54    02:06  07:22  Blind Illuminator. Task BOHLEN. Abortive. Master Bomber heard giving 'Basement Flight Plan'. ' Do not drop flares' at 2154.48 hrs, so aircraft retained all flares and TI's. No marking seen and no results observed.  DSCF0212 
PB593  Lancaster  F/Lt CLELAND  18:47  21.57  18000  01:56  07:09    DSCF0212 
ME377  Lancaster  S/L LETFORD  18:48      01:51  07:03    DSCF0212 
PB468  Lancaster III  F/Lt HARRIS  18:44  21.59  18000  02:18  07:34    DSCF0213 
ND929  Lancaster  F/O TAYLOR (SERVED AS BENSON)  18:45  21.55  18000  02:25  07:40    DSCF0213 
PB701  Lancaster III  F/Lt PELLY  18:46  22.03  18000  02:04  07:18    DSCF0213