156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Essen
Mission Date: 11/03/1945
Mission Comments: The Squadron made a small contribution for day operations against Essen, in what might well prove to be the final liquidation of the target. Over a thousand bombers pounded the city, and 7 aircraft proceed from this Squadron as Blind Sky Markers and Visual Centerers. The attack was carried out in conditions of 10/10ths cloud and results could not be observed, but dense smoke was rising up to about 7,000 feet. Bombing on Skymarkers seemed good, and the raid appeared to be successful and concentrated.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
PB593  Lancaster  F/Lt WALLACE              DSCF0258 
NE120  Lancaster  F/Lt GRANT              DSCF0258 
PA966  Lancaster  S/L ROBERTSON  12:20      16:53  04:33  Record book shows the aircraft as PB966 but this is I believe a typo. - Need to get a new copy of ORB page -  DSCF0258 
ME368  Lancaster  F/Lt DERAMORE-DENVER  12:18  15.02  17500  16:43  04:25    DSCF0259 
PB517  Lancaster III  F/Lt MASON  12:25  15.04  18000  16:46  04:21    DSCF0259 
PB560  Lancaster  F/O EDGE  12:36  15.19  13000  17:28  04:52  Blind Sky Marker. Babbage Log Book States: "Half way there and back on 3 Engines Starboard Outer U/S"  DSCF0259 
PB403  Lancaster III  F/Lt WILSON  12:34  15.17  18000  16:53  04:19    DSCF0260