156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Ashaffenburg
Mission Date: 21/11/1944
Mission Comments: 16 aircraft detailed for night operations against three targets. 6 aircraft attacked ASCHAFFENBERG out of 7 detailed. 1 aircraft did not take off owing to engine trouble. This attack took place in conditions of 10/10th cloud only the glow of illuminating flares were seen on cloud, and bombing was difficult to assess, but appeared to be concentrated in area of glow.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
PB517  Lancaster III  F/Lt WILLIAMS  16:39  19.13  16800  21:44  05:05    DSCF0111 
PB403  Lancaster III  F/Lt SPINLEY  16:22  19.09  16500  21:25  05:03    DSCF0112 
PB560  Lancaster  F/Lt POPE  16:23  19.09  18000  21:42  05:19    DSCF0112 
PB507  Lancaster  S/L ROBERTSON  16:37  19.11  16500  21:39  05:02  Blind Illuminator. Target attacked at 1911 hrs from 16,500 ft. Two aircraft seen to drop two lots of flares White at 1910 hrs. Then own a/c dropped on these. On second run glow of red TI seen below cloud ahead of A/C but even this had gone out by the time own A/C arrived. Master Bomber told A/C to bomb on Nav Aids as he could not identify target. The bomb bursts appeared very concentrated as far as could be seen through cloud. One Photo Attempted. Bom Bload 10 x GP No 3 860/B. 4 x 1000 AN/M59 (T/D .025)  DSCF0112 
PB375  Lancaster  F/Lt WILSON  16:38  19.17  16500  21:36  04:58    DSCF0112 
PB611  Lancaster  F/Lt HISCOCK  16:40  19.17  16300  21:31  04:51    DSCF0112