156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Nurnburg
Mission Date: 8/03/1943
Mission Comments: 9 a/c detailed for operations. All took off but one failed to return (F/S WHITE, DFM).
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
ED615  Lancaster I  S/L GRIMSTON  19:45  23.21  15000  03:25    10 miles west of KARLSRUHE a T/E fighter was seen but broke away to starboard.  112 
W4854  Lancaster I  W/O ANDERSEN  19:50  23.22  15000  03:00    Over MANNHEIM saw tracers from E/C then another A/C blew up and fell in flames. Over target at 2337 hrs an A/C blew up presumed struck before bomb load was discharged.  112 
W4856  Lancaster I  S/L DONALDSON  19:55  23.32  13000  02:50      112 
W4902  Lancaster  Sgt. WALLIS  20:00  23.30  15000  03:20    Moderate heavy flak with S/L's in two cones of 9/12 beams. At SOISSONS at 0124 hrs a JU88 was sighted, evasive action was taken and E/A was lost. 2 A/C were seen to blow up over NURNBERG at 2330 hrs from 15,000 ft  112 
W4894  Lancaster I  F/Lt LANG  20:05  23.34  14000  03:10    Moderate but inaccurate heavy flak over target with about 40 S/L's. At 2338 hrs T/E /A approached on recripocal on same level as our A/C left target E/A was ignored and lost/ NW of LOSHEIM at 0048 hrs a JU88 was seen, but was losing height and eventually lost. Over target areaat 2343 hrs an A/C was seen shot down by flak.  113 
ED622  Lancaster I  F/O VERDON-ROE  20:05  23.35  13000  03:15    An E/A carrying red white recco lights was seen shot down at VIGNACOURT at 2140 hrs. At 2216 hrs an E/A was seen to go down in flames.  113 
W4851  Lancaster I  S/L WHITE  20:10  23.28  17000  02:55      113 
W4849  Lancaster I  W/O HORAN  20:10  23.29  14000  03:05    At 2331 hrs over target a 4 engined A/C thought to be a HALIFAX was coned in S/L's and shot down by heavy flak. Another A/C blew up in mid air, thought to be a LANCASTER.  113 
W4896  Lancaster I  F/Sgt WHITE  20:15          T/O 2015 Warboys. Believed to have crashed near Furth, where all were buried on 10 March. Their graves are now in Durnbach War Cemetery. During recent operations to Torino, F/S White RCAF had displayed great skill and determination for which he was awarded an immediate DFM, gazetted 2 March 1943.  113