156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Munich
Mission Date: 9/03/1943
Mission Comments: 8 a/c detailed for operations. 7 took off but one failed to return (F/LT GOODLEY).
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
W4891  Lancaster  S/L WOMERSLEY  20:30  23.59  14000  03:30    A terrific explosion was seen in target area at 0017 hrs, it burst like a red mushroom. Accurate heavy and light flak.  113 
W4894  Lancaster I  F/Lt LANG  20:30  0.10  13000  03:25      113 
ED615  Lancaster I  S/L GRIMSTON  20:40  0.13  15000  03:45    One big explosion occurred at 0017 hrs, and a red sheet of flame rising to 500 ft. T/E E/A was seen over target but no action. At 2220 hrs an A/C was seen falling in flames, hit the ground and exploded.  113 
W4902  Lancaster  S/L DONALDSON  20:45  0.09  12000  03:50    Our A/C was coned at the time bombs were released so unable to state exactly where they went.  113 
W4845  Lancaster I  S/L WHITE  20:45  0.13  16000  03:50      114 
W4851  Lancaster I  F/Lt KEARNS  20:50  0.12  12000  03:35      114 
W4856  Lancaster I  F/Lt GOODLEY  21:08          T/O 2108 Warboys. Abandoned. F/L Gilliat fell into a tree and died from his injuries. Along with the others who perished. His grave may be visited in Rheinburg War Cemetery. S/L Ball was the Squadrons Navation Leader  114