156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Mannheim
Mission Date: 19/05/1942
Mission Comments: Thirteen aircraft operated.S/LDR McGILLIVRAY and crew failed to return. Suspected seen shot down in Charleville area on outward journey as reported by P/O BAIN.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
X3958  Wellington  P/O BAIN              025 
X3671  Wellington III  S/L MCGILLIVRAY            Nothing was heard of this aircraft after takeoff.
Possible report of aircraft above may refer.

T/o Alconbury. Crashed near Hargnies (Ardenne), a village close to the Franco-Belgian frontier, some 13 km SSW of Givet, France. All rest in Hargnies Communal Cemetery. 
X3677  Wellington  P/O BRIGHT  22:00  01.55  10000  04:45    Held in s/lts for about 5 min before making attack.
Two bursts fired at E/A at 300 yds range. No reply. 
X3728  Wellington III  Sgt. SMITH  22:00  01.15  10000  04:25    A/C hit by flak causing damage to Port side and fabric.
60 x 4lb Incen hung up and brought back. 
X3706  Wellington III  F/Lt MACLACHLAN  22:00  01.05  13000  05:25    In Lille area E/A did not attack but two short bursts fired at him at 600 yds range 10,000 23.30 hrs.  025 
X3741  Wellington  Sgt. POTTS  22:05  01.09  16000  05:10      025 
X3742  Wellington  Sgt. KELHAM  22:05  02.00  4000  05:00      025