156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Essen
Mission Date: 5/06/1942
Mission Comments: Thirteen aircraft detailed for operations. Twelve aircraft took off (10 to Essen) on operations and two failed to return (P/O SMITH Capt. 29th Sortie and SGT THOMSON Capt. 23rd Sortie)
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
DV785  Wellington  Sgt. TAYLOR  22:50      02:00    Sortie abandoned 52.06N 04.80E 0030 hrs. 9,500' due to port engine overheating and tail unit vibration. Enemy fighter approached but shaken off without action.  032 
DV739  Wellington  Sgt. JAMES  22:50  01.18  12,500  04:50    01.50 hrs. approached by T.E enemy aircraft. Two burst were fired at itcand it was then shaken off by evasive action.  032 
HF918  Wellington I C  F/Sgt TERRIS  22:53  1.10  16000  03:40    Arrived in target area too early.
Bombed last resort target at Hamborn 0110 hrs from 16,000' 
DV812  Wellington I C  Sgt. THOMPSON  23:00          T/o 2300 Alconbury. Shot down by a night fighter (Hptm Helmut Lent, II./NJG2) and crashed 0037 in the Ijsselmeer, S of Hoorn. Three are buried in Dutch cemeteries, but Sgt Whelan and Sgt Mason are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.  032 
X3741  Wellington  Sgt. POTTS  23:05  1.30  14000  05:05      032 
X3742  Wellington  Sgt. KELHAM  23:10  1.20  9000  03:45      032 
X3677  Wellington  P/O GREEN  23:10  1.17  14000  04:10    Large fires seen from 70 miles on return.
A/C hit on bomb doors by flak. Nieuport 0305 hrs 11,000' 
X3728  Wellington III  F/Lt GILMOUR  23:10  01.15  15000  04:10    Task Essen 'B'. Bombed primary from 15,000 at 0115 hrs. on T.R. fix.
Bursts not observed owing to having been coned by s/lts. One photo attempted.
Intense heavy and light flak co-operating with cones of s/lts.
a/c held by cone for 20 minutes 0120 hrs at 12,000'
one a/c seen in cone catch fire and explode on striking the ground. 
X3339  Wellington III  P/O SMITH  23:14          Nothing was heard of this aircraft after time of take off

T/o 2314 Alconbury. Crashed near Geldern, where the crew were first buried. Since the cessation of hostilities, their remains have been taken to the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery. 
X3422  Wellington III  P/O WOOF  23:15  1.24  13000  03:30    Arnhem 0048 hrs. 11,000' E/A approached from astern, but shaken off in evasive action.  032