156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Essen
Mission Date: 6/06/1942
Mission Comments: Eight aircraft detailed for operations. Seven aircraft took off on operations. Three returned early and one failed to return (F/SGT TERRIS Capt 14th Sortie)
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
DV814  Wellington  F/O TAYLOR  23:00  01.25  14000  04:40      033 
DV813  Wellington  Sgt. JAMES  23:00  01.18  12000  05:00      033 
HF918  Wellington I C  F/Sgt TERRIS  23:01          T/o 2301 Alconbury. All are buried in Sage War Cemetery.  033 
DV785  Wellington  F/Sgt MUNDAY  23:05      01:20    Sortie abandoned due inability to gain height and overheating.  033 
DV739  Wellington  P/O CASE  23:10  1.29  9500  04:20    Intense light and heavy flak.
53.32N 06.09E. 00.30 hrs 14,000' A/C see fall burning into sea. 
X3422  Wellington III  S/L COLLIER  23:15      02:08    Task Emden 'A'. Sortie abandoned 53.08N 0328E, 8000'. Bombs jettisioned in sea. Starboard petrol flap flew open. Wing very heavy and developed aeleron flutter.  033 
X3742  Wellington  Sgt. KELHAM  23:25      00:15    Task Emden 'A'.
Aircraft became unmanageable immediately after takeoff.
Circled aerodrome and jettisoned petrol (500 gals. approx)
Crash landed along flare path finishing on Alconbury - Huntingdon road.
No Casualties. Bomb load 12 bdles Flares, 3 x 500 and 3 x 250 lb G.P.