156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Bremen
Mission Date: 25/06/1942
Mission Comments: Twenty crews detailed for operations including one crew borrowed from BAT Flight Wyton. Seventeen NFTs and one air firing. Twenty aircraft took off of whom four returned early. One of these SGT THOMSON crashed on landing, striking pill box. His rear gunner SGT YOUNG died some minutes later.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
BJ669  Wellington  P/O GREEN  00:35    15000  05:35    Task Bremen. Late take off. Ordered to turn back 0230 hrs. Bomb dropped through hole in cloud on unidentified light.
Turning point 52.55N 07.35E at 0230 hrs. 15,000' 
X3710  Wellington III  P/O BRIGHT  22:00  1.57  10000  05:40    Bremen area 0157 hrs. height 10,000' large flash seen in sky and an a/c seen to break in two.  037 
X3728  Wellington III  F/Lt GILMOUR  22:45      04:45    Task Bremen. Target reached early and not identified.
No sign of other aircraft. No attack made. Bombs brought back 810 x 4lb incen. 
X3422  Wellington III  S/L COLLIER  22:50  1.36  14000  04:40      037 
X3741  Wellington  F/Sgt WOOF  22:50  1.27  14000  04:25    Emden area 0037 hrs. A/C seen falling in flames.  037 
Z1609  Wellington  Sgt. KELHAM  22:50      04:35    Task Bremen. Unable to pinpoint anything but flak at Bremen or Wilhelmshaven. TR.1335 u/s. Bombs brought back 810 x 4lb incen.  037 
Z1660  Wellington III  F/Lt GREENUP  22:55  1.15  17000  04:10    Heavy accurate and some light flak.No s/l.
A/C seen shot down from 20,000' 0130 hrs 
Z1622  Wellington III  Sgt. HARKER  23:00      04:15    Task Bremen. Primary attacked 10/10 cloud by TR fix. Bursts not seen, large red glow seen on leaving area.
1005 Bremen area 15,000' approached astern by ME109 which was lost in evasive action. 
Z1595  Wellington III  F/O TAYLOR  23:10  1.33  17500  05:10      037 
Z1619  Wellington III  Sgt. OWEN  23:10  1.35  16000  05:10      037 
Z1613  Wellington III  Sgt. LONGHURST  23:10  1.25  14000  05:35    Task Bremen. Primary attacked on TR fix 0125 hrs.
Three aircraft seen falling in flames over target area.
Polder 0042 hrs 14,000' believed to be a twin engined aircraft seen shot down by TE/EA. 
BJ592  Wellington III  F/Lt WILSON  23:20  1.41  16000  04:40    Emden 0200 hrs intensive barrage. a/c seen shot down in flames.  037 
Z1620  Wellington  Sgt. JAMES  23:30  1.45  14000  04:55      037 
DV739  Wellington  Sgt. GALLEY  22:50  2.20  10000  05:50    Fighter attack shaken off by evasive action.  038 
Z1659  Wellington III  F/Sgt CASE  23:15      01:20    Abandoned due to electrical fault.  038 
Z1576  Wellington III  F/Sgt MUNDAY  23:15  1.35  17000  04:45      038 
Z1108  Wellington  Sgt. MACKENZIE  23:30      02:45    Task abandoned due to engine trouble. Climbed to 12,000' but engine overheated.  038 
Z1762  Wellington  Sgt. HODGSON  23:30  1.37  12000  04:55    Task Bremen. Attacked primary 0137 hrs from 12000' on TR fix and fires seen. Burst observed but location uncertain.
Two FW190 approached in line astern about 2000' below - no attack made.
Bremen 0145 a/c seen go down in flames. 
BJ594  Wellington III  Sgt. THOMPSON  23:30      01:50    Task Bremen. Task abandoned due to electrical failure. Turned Southwold 0016 hrs 8,000'
Crash landed on aerodrome on third overshoot and struck pill box. a/c written off.
Tail turret broke away & Rear gunner Sgt Young fatally injured, died a few minutes later.

T/o 2330 Alconbury but the sortie was abandoned over Southwold at 0016 due to electrical failure. Crashed off a third attempt to land, colliding with a pillbox, which tore off the rear turret, mortally injuring its occupant, Sgt Young. 
DV776  Wellington  P/O ELLIOTT  23:30      03:40    Abandoned 01.03 hrs at 8,000'. A/C would n ot climb and blower not working. Engine started overheat. Fuse blew 0045 hrs. Second fuse 0115 hrs.  038