156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Bremen
Mission Date: 27/07/1942
Mission Comments: Four aircraft on daylight operations from which one failed to return (Capt. F/S MUNDAY on 28th operational sortie)
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
X3422  Wellington III  S/L COLLIER  14:22  16.27  10000  18:54    Task Bremen. Alternative target Emden attacked on ETA at 1637 hrs. 10,000' after failure of TR 50 before reaching alternative.
Met fighters on reciprocal course but no action developed.
No flak seen over EMDEN (in cloud) but stbd main plane holed and prop tips shot off. 
Z1659  Wellington III  F/Sgt MUNDAY  14:31          T/o 1431 Alconbury, in an attempt to use the cloud cover to reach Hamburg. While flying at 17,000 feet, the port engine exploded, causing the Wellington to dive steeply. On regaining control and after levelling out, the oil pressure fell on the starboard motor. Bombs were jettisoned, but height continued to be lost and the order to bail out given. Sgt Saville has no known grave and his name is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.

ORB has Sgt M. W. Walsh as gunner, he must have been replaced by Sgt Tither. Sgt Walsh was killed the next day on mission to Hamburg 
Z1660  Wellington III  Sgt. KELHAM  14:39  16.41  15000  18:56    Alternative (Emden) attacked at 1641 from 15,000'.  050 
Z1613  Wellington III  Sgt. LONGHURST  14:46  16.59  15000  20:28    Attacked last resort Oldenburg on ETA at 1659 from 15,000'.  050