156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Hamburg
Mission Date: 28/07/1942
Mission Comments: Twelve aircraft operated and three failed to return ( W/Cdr PRICE's Crew - Capts 62nd operational sorties, F/Lt WILSON & crew - 14th sortie, Sgt BORSBERRY and crew - 14th sortie but first with unit) P/O GREEN and crew abandoned arcraft by parachute. Second pilot stayed with aircraft and landed at Coltishall. Three of crew wounded and admitted to ELY. (P/O GREEN, Sgt. CARNES, Sgt GALLAHER)
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
X3367  Wellington III  F/Lt GILMOUR  22:20  1.21  13000  05:00      050 
X3798  Wellington III  F/Sgt HARKER  22:20  1.25  14000  04:55    14,000' coned in s/l for 10 minutes, IFF not effective and was hit by flak under second pilot's seat and port side fuselage.
0140hrs Hamburg 10,000' a/c seen to fall in flames. 
Z1622  Wellington III  P/O WOOF  22:20  1.10  15000  04:40    Heavy concentration of heavy and small amounts of light flak.
0110 hts. three aircraft seen held in s/lts. All burst into flames and fell to ground. 
Z1613  Wellington III  P/O LONGHURST  22:35  1.08  11,000  04:45      050 
X3744  Wellington  Sgt. LONGMORE  22:40      03:35    Task Hamburg 'E'. Abandoned due engine driver pump on port engine u/s.  050 
BJ592  Wellington III  F/Lt WILSON  22:42          T/o 2242 Alconbury. Crashed in the vicinity of Oldenburg, where the crew were originally buried. Since the cessation of hostilities, their remains have been taken to Becklingham War Cemetery.  050 
X3672  Wellington III  Sgt. THOMPSON  22:46  1.30  10000  05:15    Attacked by E/A rear gunner could not reply turret having gone u/s after shooting out s/lts. Landed Mildenhall  050 
X3710  Wellington III  Sgt. BORSBERRY  22:58          T/o 2258 Alconbury. Lost without trace. All are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.  050 
BJ840  Wellington III  W/C PRICE  23:01          T/o 2301 Alconbury. Presumed lost over the North Sea. F/S Bray RAAF is buried on the Danish island of Romo in Kirkeby Cemetery, while the others are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. F/L Hudock RCAF was an American from Allentown, Pennsylvania.  050 
BJ669  Wellington  P/O GREEN  23:10    17000  06:06    Task Hamburg 'E'.
Bombed on ETA through 10/10 cloud 17000'.
HOYA, 13,000' 0245 hrs. a/c coned by s/lts. and hit in several places.
Port elevator shot away. tail plane damaged, Captain wounded, front gunner and wireless Op wounded.
Second pilot took over after Dutch coast. All others baled out at English coast.
2nd Pilot landed safely at Coltishall. Very stiff journey. Very fine show.

[ED] See subsequent DFC citation for Green regarding this mission.

[ED] - See DFM citations for Cairns, Gallagher and MacKenzie regarding this mission. 
BJ613  Wellington  P/O CASE  23:10      01:10    Task Hamburg 'E'. Abandoned due to intercomm going u/s  050 
Z1660  Wellington III  Sgt. PROUDFOOT  22:25  01.12  8500  04:50      051