156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Dusseldorf
Mission Date: 31/07/1942
Mission Comments: Seven aircraft operated, two returned early and one failed to return ( Capt. P/O WOOF on thirteenth operational sortie).
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
Z1622  Wellington III  P/O WOOF  00:04          T/o 0004 Alconbury. Presumed crashed in the sea off the coast of Holland. Four are buried in the Northern Cemetery at Vlissingen, but Sgt Coulson has no known grave.  051 
X1613  Wellington  F/Sgt LONGHURST  00:05  2.09  14500  04:15      051 
BJ613  Wellington  Sgt. JAMES  00:05      03:25    Task abandoned owing to stbd. engine overheating just after take-off.  051 
X3422  Wellington III  F/Sgt HARKER  00:15  2.14  14000  04:10    Moderate light and heavy flak. One a/c seen to fall in flames.  051 
X3367  Wellington III  Sgt. KELHAM  00:15  2.55  12500  04:20    Intense heavy flak with 6 cones s/l co-operating.
During period over target three aircraft seen hit by flak and fall in flames. 
X3744  Wellington  Sgt. HODGSON  00:20  2.35  14000  04:30      051 
Z1660  Wellington III  Sgt. THOMPSON  00:20      01:55    Task abandoned owing to W/T failure receiver u/s.  051