156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Dusseldorf
Mission Date: 15/08/1942
Mission Comments: Eleven aircraft detailed for operations. Three aircraft withdrawn from operations. Three returned early and one failed to return (Sgt NEWLOVE and crew)

[ED] - Only 7 aircraft in ORB
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
BJ613  Wellington  F/Sgt CASE  00:25      03:55    Abandoned bue starboard engine overheating.  057 
DV667  Wellington  Sgt. JAMES  00:30  02.14  15,000  05:20      057 
X3672  Wellington III  Sgt. HODGSON  00:30  02.22  14,000  04:30      057 
X3367  Wellington III  F/Sgt SAVAGE  00:30      03:00    Task abandoned 52.20N 03.20 E. owing to rear turret and oxygen u/s  058 
X3728  Wellington III  P/O BROUGH  00:35  02.29  15,000  04:40      058 
DV668  Wellington  F/Sgt MACKENZIE  00:40      04:40    Task Dusseldorf. A/C picked up by two S/Ls over Utrecht, 0225 hrs 16,000 ft and then coned. Heavy flak burst under A/C caused starboard engine to out.
Lost height to 7000 ft and engine recovered but not firing properly. 
DF666  Wellington III  F/Sgt NEWLOVE  00:55          T/o Warboys. Shot down by a night fighter (Oblt Manfred Meurer, III.NJG1) and crashed at Rozendaal (Gelderland), 6 km NE of Arnhem. All are buried in the private burial ground of Baron von Pallandt of Rozendaal.  058