156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Nurnburg
Mission Date: 28/08/1942
Mission Comments: Eleven detailed for operations. Three aircraft withdrawn and eight operated. Three returned early and one (F/LT GILMOUR, F/LT SPENCER and crew) failed to return.

[ED] - Only 7 aircraft in ORB
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
X3728  Wellington III  F/Lt GILMOUR  20:26          T/o 2026 Warboys. Crashed at Perk (Brabant) 17 km NNE Brussels. All are buried in Heverlee War Cemetery. F/L Spencer gained an immediate DFM, gazetted 6 February 1942, for his fortitude and courage during operations to Hamburg in the January. At the time he was serving with 101 Squadron.

This was the Captains 47th Sortie 
BJ789  Wellington III  S/L COLLIER  20:30  23.35  12000  03:05    Moderate heavy flak co-operating with about 12 S/Ls. Heavy flak and S/Ls encountered over Bad Kreuznach and short combat with ME109 in same area.  060 
BJ646  Wellington  F/Lt GREENUP  20:20  23.55  14500  02:55      061 
BJ775  Wellington III  Sgt. HODGSON  20:25      23:50    Attacked by 2 ME109 2214 hrs, 12,000 ft position 53.50N 0340 E
E/A attacked from port and starboard alternatively, each making two attacks. Rear gunner engaged four times. Slight damage caused to our aircraft and all bombs jettisoned live. 
BJ709  Wellington  Sgt. LONGMORE  20:30  1.13  14000  03:55      061 
BJ613  Wellington  F/Sgt CASE  20:32      02:20    No attack, primary not reached. A/C caught in S/L over Mannheim/Worms area 2325 hrs and forced down to 4000 ft. Bomb load jettisoned on flak and S/L concentrating there.  061 
BJ600  Wellington III  Sgt. BROUGH  20:35      22:45    Sortie abandoned. A/C would not climb.
ME110 approached at 7,000 ft 2142. Violent evasive action was taken.
Dunkirk heavy and light flak firing in cone of about 12 S/Ls.