156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Saarbrucken
Mission Date: 1/09/1942
Mission Comments: Six aircraft detailed for operations, all operated, one crashed at King's Ripton, three members of the crew being killed. One returned early.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
DF668  Wellington  F/Sgt MACKENZIE  00:05  2.27  12400  05:25      063 
X3811  Wellington III  Sgt. THOMPSON  00:05      01:55    Target not reached owing to S/B engine overheating at 0053 at 12,000 ft  063 
BJ646  Wellington  F/Lt GREENUP  23:40      04:40      063 
BJ775  Wellington III  Sgt. HODGSON  23:40      04:50      063 
BJ709  Wellington  Sgt. LONGMORE  23:55      05:35      063 
BJ716  Wellington III  Sgt. DOUGLAS  23:59      00:05    T/o 2359 Warboys and crashed 0005 at King's Ripton, 3 miles NNE of Huntingdon, and burst into flames. The injured were taken to RAF Hospital Ely.

This aircraft crashed at Kings Ripton, navigator, w/op and F/Gunner were killed. Pilot, 2nd Pilot and rear gunner injured and taken to Wly Hospital. A/c was burned out and cause of crash is unknown so far.
Bomb load 1 x 1000 lb, 3 x 500 lb defused after crash. 2 x 500 lb and 1 x 250 lb exploded, 1 x 500 lb unable to defuse.