156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Bremen
Mission Date: 13/09/1942
Mission Comments: Twelve aircraft detailed, all operated, but two failed to return. S/LD COLLIER, Sgt BROUGH and crews
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
Z1660  Wellington III  F/Lt GRIMSTON  22:44  1.20  16000  04:10    Ruinen 0200 hrs. A/C seen to hit ground and explode.  067 
BJ600  Wellington III  P/O BROUGH  22:45          T/o 2245 Warboys. Crashed 0313 near the hamlet of Loozen (Overijssel), 3 km S of Gremsbergen, on the E bank of the River Vecht and only a few kilometres inside the Dutch/German border. All are buried in Gramsbergen General Cemetery  067 
BJ789  Wellington III  S/L COLLIER            T/O Warboys. Lost without trace. All are commemorated on the Runnymede memorial.

On 29/9/1939 P/O Kirkus's younger brother, Sgt Nigel Miller Kirkus was killed on operations to Heligoland while flying with 144 Squadron. He too is commemorated on the Runnymede memorial. 
BJ617  Wellington  F/Lt GREENUP  00:15  02.45  16,000  05:25    Bremen 2 A/C seen blown up over target by heavy flak.  068 
DF668  Wellington  Sgt. BASTABLE  00:20      02:00    Faulty manipulation of oxygen system caused captain to think system u/s and sortie abandoned 0104 hrs.  068 
BJ775  Wellington III  P/O WHITE  00:20  2.34  16000  05:05      068 
BJ883  Wellington III  Sgt. CHIDDICK  00:25  2.35  15000  05:10      068 
X3822  Wellington III  Sgt. PROUDFOOT  22:45  01.20  16,000  04:15    Oldenburg at 0100 hrs hit by heavy flak, causing a few small holes in the wing.

Crashed on return and flares previously thought to have been jettisoned ignited and caused burns to some crew members (They Led the Way p 10)

[ED] - See BEM Commendation for Sgt Couchman regarding this mission. 
Z1609  Wellington  Sgt. KEARNS  22:50  01.20  8,000  04:10    Moderate heavy flak hosepiping up to 12,000 ft and higher.
A/c seen going down in flames over target.
Urk A/C seen hit by flak and go down in flames. 
BJ613  Wellington  F/Sgt CASE  22:55      02:00    Shortly after crossing English coast, crew noticed a smell of burning in the A/C, but could not locate it. The smell became worse, and the sortie was abandoned 4 miles S of Leeuwarden at 0034.  068 
X3811  Wellington III  Sgt. THOMPSON  23:00      02:10    Sortie abandoned 0040 hrs. 20,000' owing to sickness of pilot.  068 
X3422  Wellington III  Sgt. LONGMORE  23:03  02.21  16,000  03:53      068