156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Aachen
Mission Date: 5/10/1942
Mission Comments: 12 aircraft detailed for operations. 5 took off. 1 A/C crashed at SOMERSHAM all the crew baled out safely. 1 A/C crashed at GESTINGTHORP, the pilot Sgt CHIDDICK was killed, but rest of the crew baled out safely. F/LT GREENUP landed his A/C at MANSTON, the remainder of the crew having baled out over enemy occupied territory.

[ED] - 6 aircraft mentioned in ORB
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
BK302  Wellington  F/Lt WOMERSLEY  19:05  21.14  10000  22:50      073 
Z1660  Wellington III  F/Lt GRIMSTON  19:05      22:55    Task AACHEN. medium cloud and bad icing over continent. A/C was caught in bad icing and when attempt was made to cross continent. ETA would have been exceeded by 20 mins therefor sorties was abandoned over LILLE at 2050 hrs. where an A/C was seen falling in flames. A/C landed at COTTESMORE.  073 
BK203  Wellington III  Sgt. CHIDDICK  19:05      22:55    T/o 1905 Warboys. Encountered severe icing and electrical storms, and with control fast being lost, the crew baled out near Gestingthorpe, 5 miles N of Halstead, Essex. Sgt Chiddick was found in the wreckage of his aircraft.

From ORB.
Encountered severe storm which rendered inter-comm U/S. S/B engine failed and W/T. Pilots compass and GEE U/S. The A/C was unable to maintain height on port engine, and the crew baled out successfully with the exception of the pilot who stayed with the A/C which crashed and burnt out at GESTINGTHORPE. The pilot was killed. 
Z1763  Wellington  Sgt. LONGMORE  19:15      22:45      073 
BJ646  Wellington  F/Lt GREENUP  19:05      21:40    Aircraft was struck by lightning on crossing the French Coast . Jettisoning his flares he turned for home, not, however, without being subjected to the most accurate and intense flack. The crew bailed out and yet F/L Greenup, unable to bale out himself, brought the aircraft back for a crash landing at Manston.

From ORB
Task AACHEN. Severe electric storms encountered over England and the CHANNEL and A/C was struck by lightning over ENGLISH COAST at 2045 hrs port engine stopped, flares jettisoned, and course was set for base, but a/c was unable to maintain height.
Approaching FRENCH COAST at 4,500 ft A/C was engaged by intense and accurate flak. A/C immediately lost more height, and crew baled out, but captain found he could maintain height and flew back and belly landed at MANSTON 
X3811  Wellington III  F/Sgt CASE  19:10          T/o 1910 Warboys. Iced up and abandoned, after a fire broke out, and left to crash at Somersham, 8 miles NE of Huntingdon, setting fire to some cottages. Both F/S Case and F/S Welch needed treatment for ankle injuries.  074