156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Kiel
Mission Date: 13/10/1942
Mission Comments: 8 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off, but one failed to return. One A/C landed at MARTLESHAM and one at WYTON.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
BJ775  Wellington III  Sgt. TAYLOR            T/o Warboys. Presumed crashed in the sea off the north-west German coast. Sgt Lott RCAF and F/S Congdon RCAF were initially buried at Cuxhaven, though the latter now rests in Sage War Cemetery, while the former lies in Becklingen War Cemetery. F/S Taylor has no known grave. Sgt Kidder (later commissioned to F/L) was executed by the Gestapo circa 29/3/44 as part of the "Great Escape".  075 
Z1660  Wellington III  S/L GRIMSTON  17:55  21.09  15000  00:40      075 
BK302  Wellington  F/Lt WOMERSLEY  18:00      00:10      075 
DV668  Wellington  F/Lt FLETCHER  18:05      20:10    No attack owing to port engine oil pressure down and oil temp up. Sortie abandoned at 1905 hrs  075 
Z1763  Wellington  P/O CYBULSKI  18:10  21.10  18000  01:05    On return journey violent evasive action was taken down to 400' over EMDEN and rear gunner shot out 1 S/L.
Petrol ran short owing to continuous evasive action, and A/C could only just make the ENGLISH COAST and crash landed at MARTLESHAM, no casualties. 
DF635  Wellington  Sgt. WHITE  18:10  21.18  15000  01:05      075 
BJ709  Wellington  G/C KIRKPATRICK  18:15  21.24  15000  00:40      075 
BJ617  Wellington  Sgt. PROUDFOOT  18:20  21.14  17500  00:25      075