156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Stuttgart
Mission Date: 22/11/1942
Mission Comments: 8 aircraft detailed for operations. 8 took off, but 1 failed to return.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
X3672  Wellington III  F/Lt FLETCHER            T/o Warboys. Crashed at Amance (Aube), a village in an area of some beauty E of the Lac de la Foret and some 33 km E of Troyes, France. Those who died rest in Amance Communal Cemetery.  081 
BK302  Wellington  S/L WOMERSLEY  17:50  21.54  12500  01:40    A/C seen burning on the ground and 2 others seen falling in flames.  081 
Z1660  Wellington III  S/L GRIMSTON  17:55  21.50  13000  01:55      081 
X3695  Wellington III  F/Lt KEARNS  18:00  21.49  12000  01:30    A/C seen falling in flames over target.  081 
X3936  Wellington  F/Sgt ANDERSEN  18:00  22.03  12000  22:05      081 
X3677  Wellington  F/Lt LANG  17:55  21.44  12500  01:55      082 
BK315  Wellington  Sgt. WALLIS  18:05  22.15  12000  02:35    Over CREPY EN VAL at 0025 hrs, attacked by ME210 using cannon fire, our A/C hit by 2 short bursts damaging rear turret, port tail plane, port aileron and hydraulics system shot up, rendring undercarriage and flaps U/S.

Rear gunner badly injured in left hand and left eye while courageously keeping up firing against E/A. W/OP also injured.

Belly landed at BRADWELL BAY at 0300 hrs. 
BJ617  Wellington  P/O VERDON-ROE  18:06  22.08  12500  02:16    Shot up goods train travelling south AMIENS, ROUEN at 0012 hrs from 250 ft. Front gunner fired 8 second burst, strikes were observed and train stopped.  082