156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Essen
Mission Date: 3/04/1943
Mission Comments: 11 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off and returned except Sgt BYASS and crew missing.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
W4851  Lancaster I  F/Lt KEARNS  19:35  21.55  17000  23:55    On run into target at DORSTEN an A/C was seen to go down and explode on the ground.  122 
W4937  Lancaster  Sgt. SULLIVAN  19:40  22.02  16500  00:55    Moderate accurate heavy and light flak with about 200 S/L's. Our aircraft was damaged by heavy flak - a hole in the bomb doors and another in the bombaimers perspex, the hydraulic system was also damaged.  123 
W4849  Lancaster I  F/O SMITH  19:40  21.59  18000  00:10      123 
W4930  Lancaster I  P/O DAVIES  19:40  21.56  18000  23:50    [ED] - The regular F/E (Taylor) is not shown in ORB, his function may have been fulfilled by the second pilot?  123 
W4902  Lancaster  Sgt. LAY  19:45  22.00  20000  00:45    At 2205 over the target an a/c was seen to burst into flames and crash.  123 
W4891  Lancaster  Sgt. GONCE  19:45  22.00  18500  00:25      123 
ED622  Lancaster I  F/Sgt YOUNGER  19:45  21.56  18000  00:30    ED: Stopford not in crew list but I believe was part of this crew, which was with the Squadron for only two missions.  123 
W4850  Lancaster I  Sgt. STEWART  19:45  22.05  18000  00:20      123 
W4894  Lancaster I  Sgt. BYASS  19:48          T/o 1948 Warboys. Presumed crashed in the sea off the coast of Holland. Six are commemorated on the Runnynede Memorial, but Sgt Crooks lies in Bergen op Zoom War Cemetery, having been brought here from Huisduinen near Den Helder. At 18, he was amongst the youngest airmen killed on Bomber Command Operations  123 
W4933  Lancaster  Sgt. MILLER  19:50  22.05  17000  00:35      123 
ED615  Lancaster I  P/O THOMSON  19:50  22.03  18500  00:10      123