156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Kiel
Mission Date: 4/04/1943
Mission Comments: 10 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off but 2 failed to return - S/L GRIMSTON DFC and P/O DAVIES, and crews.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
ED615  Lancaster I  S/L GRIMSTON  20:24          T/o 2024 Warboys. Crashed in the target area. Five rest in the Kiel War Cemetery, while the pilot, tail gunner and Sgt Woodward are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. S/L The Hon Grimston was the son of the 4th Earl of Verulam. His younger brother, F/L The Honorable Bruce David Grimston DFC, was posted missing on 13th July 1944, while flying Wellingtons with 524 Squadron. He too is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. P/O Volante and W/O Stafford had their awards Gazetted on 13 November 1942 and 12 March 1943 respectively  124 
W4933  Lancaster  Sgt. SULLIVAN  20:25  23.13  20000  02:55      124 
W4902  Lancaster  W/O TAYLOR  20:30  23.06  18000  01:40    At 2303 hrs over KIEL an a/c believed to be PFF, seen to catch fire and fall to the ground.  124 
W4891  Lancaster  W/C WOMERSLEY  20:30  23.08  19000  02:00    With a Group Captain, Wing Commander and Squadron Leader on board this must have been a very unusual crew.  124 
W4851  Lancaster I  F/Lt KEARNS  20:30  23.06  18000  01:35      124 
W4849  Lancaster I  S/L DONALDSON  20:35  23.08  18000  01:50    Fair amount of heavy and light flak but no S/L's. A/C seen to burst into flames over target at 2304 hrs.  124 
W4850  Lancaster I  P/O DAVIES  20:42          T/O 2042 Warboys. Believed crashed at Sarlhusen 10 km NNE of Kellinghausen. Burials are reported from Brokstedt, though all now rest in Kiel War Cemetery.  124 
W4854  Lancaster I  W/O ANDERSEN  20:45  23.22  19000  02:10      124 
ED622  Lancaster I  F/Lt VERDON-ROE  20:45  23.10  19500  01:55      124 
W4930  Lancaster I  Sgt. WENDON  20:50  23.20  18000  02:10    Some heavy flak was encountered, with a little light, fairly accurate. An A/C was seen to explode in the air at 2319 hrs.  124