156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Pilzen
Mission Date: 16/04/1943
Mission Comments: 13 aircraft detailed for operations. 1O took off but 2 aircraft failed to return - W/O ANDERSON and crew, and Sgt GONCE and crew.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
W4943  Lancaster I  F/Lt LANG  21:20  01.49  13,000  05:50      129 
ED822  Lancaster III  P/O HORAN  21:20  01.45  13,000  05:35      129 
ED715  Lancaster I  S/L DUIGAN  21:20  01.37  9,000  05:55      129 
W4854  Lancaster I  W/O ANDERSEN            T/o 2126 Warboys. Crashed at Brimont (Marne) 10 km NW of Reims, France. All are buried in Brimont Churchyard. P/O Bordycott and P/O Smith had previously flown a tour of operations with 150 Squadron., their DFMs being promulgatedon 26 May and 30 January 1942 respectively. Sgt Brougham-Faddy was 18 years of age and was one of the youngest airmen killed on Bomber Command operations in 1943  130 
W4851  Lancaster I  F/Lt KEARNS  21:25  01.55  13,000  05:45    Attack was developing well as we left the target , and fires were starting up. Over BRUCHSAL at 0018 hrs an A/C was seen to hit the ground and explode, another A/C was seen burning on the ground at 0010 hrs at LANDAU.  130 
W4930  Lancaster I  Sgt. GONCE  21:25          T/o Warboys 2125. Crashed at Aigny (Marne) 14 km NW of Chalon-Sur-Marne, Franc, where six lie in the towns East Cemetery. Sgt Dean rests 16 KM to the NW at Conde-Sur-Marne Communal Cemetery, thus suggesting that the Lancaster may have exploded. His father , Captain Josiah Dean MC, had formerly served in the Royal Field Artillery, Sgt Gonce's parents lived in Walters, Oklahoma, while P/O Anastassiades was a Cypriot serving in the Royal Airforce.  130 
ED841  Lancaster  S/L WHITE  21:30  01.55  13,000  06:00    Very slight heavy and light flak but some well predicted heavy flak at NUREMBURG at 0110 hrs. On five separate occasions A/C were seen falling in flames along the route and over the target.  130 
ED734  Lancaster III  Sgt. LAY  21:30  01.55  14,000  05:40      130 
ED837  Lancaster III  F/O THOMSON  21:40  01.48  13,300  05:50      130 
ED842  Lancaster  F/O SMITH  21:45  01.48    05:30    Bombsight was U/S but 4,000 HC was released and seen to burst, should be on or near NE edge of SKODA WORKS. One really good fire waws seen in centre of works area and 3 large explosions occurred in east side of works at 0148 hrs. 20 miles NE of SAARBRUCKEN T/E E/A was seen, evasive action was taken by diving to port and the T/E E/C came over the top and tracer passed underneath the fuselage, not sure if it was directed at our A/C  130