156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Kiel
Mission Date: 26/08/1944
Mission Comments: 16 aircraft detailed for night operations on KIEL. All proceeded, one aircraft missing F/L R.M. Etchells and crew.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
ND978  Lancaster III  W/C BINGHAM-HALL  20:20  23.02    01:31      449 
NE120  Lancaster  W/C BURROUGH  20:20  23.02    01:31      449 
NE119  Lancaster  S/L COCHRANE  20:21  23.06  17500  01:37      449 
ND477  Lancaster  F/Lt KITSON  20:24  23.10  17300  01:29      449 
ND534  Lancaster III  F/Lt WILLIAMS  20:13  23.03  18000  01:42  05:29    DSCF0332 
ND422  Lancaster  F/Lt MASON  20:14  23.04  16500  01:41  05:27  [ED] - Steele was missing from ORB for this mission, have added!  DSCF0332 
PA966  Lancaster  F/Lt CLELAND  20:15  23.03  18000  01:38  05:23    DSCF0332 
PB403  Lancaster III  S/L DWEN  20:23  23.18  19000  01:54  05:31    DSCF0332 
ND808  Lancaster  F/Lt WILSON  20:20  23.11  18000  01:25  05:05    DSCF0333 
PB302  Lancaster III  F/Lt ETCHELLS  20:21          T/o 2021 Upwood. Badly shot about by a Ju 88 which came upon the Lancaster over Kiel, but which in turn was last seen going down crippled by the return fire. Soon after the engagement the Lancaster was ditched in the North Sea. There followed an exacting rescue operation involving aircraft, a Danish fishing vessel and an ASR launch before the crew were brought home to Grimsby some five days later. ORB Entry 29/8/44 F/L R.M. Etchells and his crew was rescued from the sea and have been landed at GRIMSBY. The aircraft had been attacked by an enemy fighter whilst over the target. The E/A was shot down and claimed as destroyed. The aircraft ditched sucessfully although one engine was on fire and two feathered. The dinghy was sighted and a lifeboat dropped. It could not be reached however and the next day another aircraft dropped a lifeboat, which was eventually reached after strenuous efforts, during which an unsuccessful attempt was made by the Rear Gunner to swim out to the lifeboat. The sea was very rough the next day, and just when the lifeboat was almost swamped a DANISH fishing boat was sighted and the crew ere taken aboard. They persuaded the DANES to make course for ENGLAND. An A.S.R. launch eventually took them off and the launch and fishing boat arrived at GRIMSBY. Crew returned to unit on 30.8.44 --------------------------------- Additional ORB entry: --------------------------------- Target attacked at 2307.36 hrs from 18,000 ft. Flares went down well illuminating target. We bombed blindly and combat with fighter unsued immediately. KIEL 2308 hrs 18,000 ft 042 degs T. 150 knots. Combat with JU 88. Fighter claimed as destroyed. A/C ditched 5440N 0450E 0040 hrs.  DSCF0333 
ND875  Lancaster  F/Lt HISCOCK  20:25  23.07  18000  01:19  04:54    DSCF0333 
ND929  Lancaster  S/L GRIFFIN  20:27  23.15  18000  01:58  05:31    DSCF0333 
PB375  Lancaster  P/O CUTHILL  20:29  23.14  17000  01:27  04:58  [ED] - See DFM award for Aspinal - Me110 shot down  DSCF0333 
ND618  Lancaster III  W/C LAWSON  20:15  23.07  18300  01:56  05:41    DSCF0334 
NE132  Lancaster  F/Lt FREEMAN  20:18      01:06  04:48    DSCF0334 
PB177  Lancaster III  F/Lt CANN  20:19  23.02  16000  01:36  05:17    DSCF0334