156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Bottrop
Mission Date: 3/02/1945
Mission Comments: 9 aircraft detailed to drain the oil of BOTTROP. The marking appears to have been very good, and the bombing was well concentrated in the later stage of the attack. There were numerous searchlights coming and enemy fighters were active over the target and on the return route. Two aircraft failed to return F/L M Spinley DFM and F/L J.G. Evans and crews.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
PA966  Lancaster  S/L ROBERTSON  16:49  19.31  18000  21:23  04:34  Blind Sky Marker. Task. BOTTROP. Target attacked at 19.31 hrs from 18,000 ft. Red TI's down at 1926/27 hrs. Three lots of Green TO's seen down just after bombing, and those on right of Red TI's. Later still, a very good group of Red and Green TI's seen very close together. Bombing appeared well placed but late. One photo attempted.  DSCF0202 
PB560  Lancaster  F/Lt JACKSON  16:51  19.33  17500  21:24      DSCF0202 
PB505  Lancaster III  F/Lt SPINLEY  16:46          T/o 1646 Upwood to mark the Prosper benzol works. Crashed near Hechtel (Limburg), 22 km N of Hasselt, Belgium. Those who died rest in Leopoldsburg War Cemetery. The DFM receipients had flown with 37 Squadron and 75 Squadron, their awards being published on 16 February 1943, 21 January 1944, 15 June 1943 and 13 August 1943 respectively.  DSCF0203 
PB468  Lancaster III  F/Lt HARRIS  16:48  19.32  18000  21:26  04:38    DSCF0203 
ME366  Lancaster III  F/Lt EVANS  16:52          T/o 1652 Upwood to mark the Prosper benzol plant. Those who died rest in the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery. W/O Parr, an ex Halton apprentice, won his award while flying with 101 Squadron, details being published on 10 December 1943.  DSCF0203 
PB517  Lancaster III  F/O WALLACE  16:54  19.35  18000  21:28  04:34    DSCF0203 
ND591  Lancaster  S/L GRIFFIN  16:55  19.32  18000  21:21  04:26    DSCF0203 
PB507  Lancaster  S/L CLAYTON  16:50  19.31  16,600  21:17  04:27    DSCF0205 
SW259  Lancaster  F/Lt LEWIS  16:56  19.34  18,000  21:31  04:35    DSCF0205