156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Hamburg
Mission Date: 31/03/1945
Mission Comments: 16 aircraft detailed fo a daylight attack on the submarine works at HAMBURG. The attack opened in 10/10ths cloud, and the crews marked and bombed on Master Bomber's instructions. Red smoke puffs fell in well-timed sucession throughout the attack, and were well concencentrated. There was heavy predicted flak which later became barrage. There was considerable fighter activity and the Squadron was involved in several combats on the target area with M.E's 262 and one M.E. 262 was claimed as damaged. Other aircraft were hit and damaged by flak. Two aircraft missing. F/L A.C. Pope and crew., and F/O H. Benson and crew.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
PB403  Lancaster III  F/O SCHOLEY               
NG438  Lancaster  F/Lt HISCOCK  06:40  8.43  18000  11:02      DSCF0293 
ME368  Lancaster  F/O BOGGIANO  06:42  8.45  18000  11:15      DSCF0293 
ND875  Lancaster  F/Lt HUGHES  06:45  8.49  18000  11:29      DSCF0293 
ME378  Lancaster  F/Lt ROWE  06:50  08.46  18000  11:18      DSCF0293 
PB560  Lancaster  S/L HAGUE  06:48  8.45  18000  11:31      DSCF0294 
NE120  Lancaster  F/Lt WILSON  06:51  8.38  18000  11:38    Blind Sky Marker  DSCF0294 
ME377  Lancaster  S/L LETFORD  06:53  08.49  18000  11:05      DSCF0294 
SW259  Lancaster  F/O EDGE  06:55  08.55  18000  11:27  04:32  Blind Sky Marker  DSCF0294 
PB468  Lancaster III  F/O TAYLOR (SERVED AS BENSON)  06:38          T/o 0638 Upwood to mark the Blohm and Voss shipbuilding yards. Fell at Hohe Liedtweg 476 Hamburg-Langenhorn. All are buried in Hamburg Cemetery,Ohlsdorf. F/O Taylor, who served as F/O Benson, and P/O Woolstenhulme were aged 36 and 37 respectively and thus were well over the age associated with Bomber Command Aircrew. Sgt Joel was flying as a second navigator.  DSCF0295 
PB507  Lancaster  F/O PLAYER  06:44  8.43    11:33      DSCF0295 
ND929  Lancaster  F/O KEELER  06:46  8.54  18300  11:31    [ED] - This is Cochranes normal crew!  DSCF0295 
PB517  Lancaster III  F/Lt POPE  06:47          T/o 0647 Upwood to mark the Blohm and Voss shipbuilding yards. Believed to have crashed, either on moorland 15km NE of Rotenburg. All are buried in Becklingen War Cemetery. P/O Marlow was flying as a second navigator.  DSCF0295 
PB593  Lancaster  F/Lt MASON  06:52  8.52  18000  11:19      DSCF0295