156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Munich
Mission Date: 21/12/1942
Mission Comments: 10 aircraft detailed for operations. All took off: 1 failed to return (F/L CYBULSKI).

[ED] - Only 9 aircraft mentioned in ORB
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
X3677  Wellington  F/Lt LANG  16:50  20.58  13000  00:10    E/A sighted over MUNICH 700 yards astern at same height but no action.  090 
DF668  Wellington  W/O ANDERSEN  16:50      18:10    Abandoned at ASHFORD at 17.40 hrs owing to failure of S/B engine.  090 
BK302  Wellington  S/L WOMERSLEY  16:50      01:30    10/10 cloud unable to pinpoint town so brought flares back. Incendiaries and H.E. seen exploding below cloud. Moderate heavy and light flak.
On 3 occasions in BAYON, St DIZIER, and JUVINCOURT areas A/C seen burning in the air and then crash. 
BJ617  Wellington  F/O VERDON-ROE  16:50  21.05  8000  01:35    Over COMMERCY area at 22.58 hrs believed bomber shot down by tracer. Also at AUZECOURT at 2315hrs. At REVIGNY-SUR-ORMAU A/C fired bursts at a well-lit factory. Windows were broken and a small explosion caused.  090 
Z1723  Wellington  P/O GOODLEY  16:55      01:00    Heavy flak over target area and North of marshalling yards. A/C seen falling in NANCY area at 23.02 hrs.  090 
BK386  Wellington III  F/Lt CYBULSKI  16:55          T/o 1615 Warboys. Crashed at Matignicourt-et-Goncourt (Marne), 4 km SE of Vitry-le-Francois, France. All rest in Matignicourt-et-Goncourt Churchyard.  090 
BK508  Wellington  S/L HOOKWAY  17:00      01:20    North of the target area an A/C was seen to crash in flames.  090 
X3595  Wellington  F/Lt KEARNS  17:00      01:10      090 
X3936  Wellington  Sgt. STEWART  17:00  20.59  10000  00:30    Primary target not attacked but as A/C was North of track on ETA believe Stuttgart attacked. GEE failed after takeoff and 10/10 cloud experienced which made it difficult to pinpoint.  091