156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Torino
Mission Date: 11/12/1942
Mission Comments: 8 aircraft detailed for operations. 6 took off and all but 1 aircraft returned early.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
BK397  Wellington  S/L GRIMSTON  16:50  23.25  12000  00:40      088 
DF668  Wellington  W/O WATKINS  16:55      22:40    Abandoned on DR position. GENEVA. Weather bad from PARIS onwards, at 12000 ft icing was heavy, freezing the pitot head and airspeed indicator.  088 
BK386  Wellington III  F/Lt CYBULSKI  16:55      20:30    Abandoned due to icing at BEAUVAIS  088 
X3936  Wellington  W/O ANDERSEN  17:00      17:40    Returned to base five minutes after setting course, owing to port engine misfiring badly. Turning point CAMBRIDGE 1730 hrs.  088 
BJ617  Wellington  P/O VERDON-ROE  17:00      23:00    Abandoned at ALEUEF area at 2000 hrs due owing to extremely bad weather conditions.  088 
X3677  Wellington  F/Lt LANG  17:05      23:45    Abandoned at 2048 hrs over MONT BLANC owing to extremely bad weather conditions, over BEAUVAIS at 2210 hrs unidentified E/A passed on a reciprocal course.  088