156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Hamborn
Mission Date: 22/01/1945
Mission Comments: 13 aircraft detailed for operations on HAMBORN. Ground detail leading up to the A/P could be seen in the moonlight. The marking and bombing appeared good. A large explosion and several minor ones were seen during the attack, and the glow of fires could be seen 60 miles away on the homeward journey.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
SW259  Lancaster  F/Lt MASON               
PA966  Lancaster  S/L ROBERTSON  17:33  20.03  18700  22:09  04:36  Blind Sky Marker. Task HAMBOURN. Target attacked at 2003.12 hrs from 18,700 ft. On run up, Reds and Greens seen. More cascading just before release. Bomb bursts visible through smoke, very concentrated. Fires visible 60 miles from target. Slight to moderate H/F, predicted at first, later in barrage form. One phot attempted. Bomb load 1 x GP No.1 R/G Cap.6 5 x 2000 HC MINOL  DSCF0189 
PB403  Lancaster III  F/Lt SPINLEY  17:35  20.06  15000  21:46  04:11    DSCF0189 
PB611  Lancaster  F/Lt EVANS  17:38  20.03  18300  22:10  04:32    DSCF0189 
SW259A  Lancaster  F/Lt LEWIS            Shows as SW259 but other info suggest W E B MASON was in this aircraft?  DSCF0190 
PB486  Lancaster III  F/Lt HARRIS            Rego could be incorrect - poor slide  DSCF0190 
PB560  Lancaster  F/Lt JACKSON              DSCF0190 
PB505  Lancaster III  F/Lt KITSON            Rego could be incorrect - poor slide  DSCF0190 
PB517  Lancaster III  F/Lt POPE            May not be PB517 - very poor slide  DSCF0190 
PB186  Lancaster III  F/O BOGGIANO  17:26  19.57  18000  21:33  04:07    DSCF0191 
ND929  Lancaster  F/O KEELER  17:27  19.58  18000  21:59  04:32    DSCF0191 
NG438  Lancaster  F/Lt NICHOLLS  17:31  20.00  19000  21:56  04:25    DSCF0191 
PB701  Lancaster III  F/Lt DERAMORE-DENVER  17:37  20.03  18000  22:19  04:42    DSCF0191 
ME366  Lancaster III  F/Lt JAMES  17:38  20.06  17700  22:07  04:29    DSCF0191