156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Dresden
Mission Date: 13/02/1945
Mission Comments: 16 aircraft detailed for night operations on two targets. 7 aircraft attacked the oil plant at BOHLEN, near LEIPZIG. 9 aircraft disturbed the peace of the Germans regrouping, resting and reorganising at DRESDEN after their exit to the Reich from Russian territory. This was the first visit of Bomber Command to DRESDEN. Extensive fires were burning from a previous wave. Several explosions were reported, and the town was burning from end to end.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
NG438  Lancaster  F/Lt HISCOCK  22:08  01.26  18000  06:10  08:02    DSCF0213 
PB517  Lancaster III  F/Lt POPE  22:05  01.27  18000  06:29  08:24    DSCF0214 
PB560  Lancaster  F/Lt JACKSON  22:10  01.33  17300  06:26  08:16    DSCF0214 
ME368  Lancaster  F/Lt NEAL  22:11  01.26  18400  05:55  07:44    DSCF0214 
PB403  Lancaster III  F/O EDGE  22:12    18000  06:51  08:39  Blind Sky Marker. Task Dresden. Target attacked at 0136 hrs from 18,000 ft. Fires were seen for many miles before arriving at target, started in previous attack. There were green TI's down when we arrived over target, fairly well concentrated. Master Bomber was telling main force to overshoot the Greens by two seconds. Then he called for BM's and BSM's and still gave directions to bomb on Green TI's. We made two orbits and attacked twice, and there seemed to be a good deal of smoke coming off the town, but this was being blown away. One photo attempted.  DSCF0214 
ME378  Lancaster  F/Lt DERAMORE-DENVER  22:04  01.25  18000  06:20  08:16    DSCF0215 
PB507  Lancaster  F/Lt MASON  22:07  1.22  18000  06:30  08:23    DSCF0215 
ND591  Lancaster  F/O BOGGIANO  22:09  1.33  18000  06:23  08:14    DSCF0215 
PB611  Lancaster  F/Lt JAMES  22:13  1.38  17000  06:40  08:27    DSCF0215