156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Pforzheim
Mission Date: 23/02/1945
Mission Comments: 10 aircraft detailed for a night attack on enemy troop concentrations and communications in the town of PFORZHEIM. Bombing on the TI's was good. Fires soon got started and they were stoking up beautifully by the time the last aircraft left the target area. Several minor explosions were reported and the glow of fires could be seen from 100 miles away on return. Shortly after becoming airbourne an engine in the aircraft flown by F/O W.F. Keeler feathered. He pressed on and made the flight of 6 hours 30 minutes on three engines. Skilful airmanship and good Captaincy brought him to the target on time.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
PB593  Lancaster  F/Lt WALLACE  16:16  19.54  8200  23:08  06:52    DSCF0228 
ME377  Lancaster  F/O WALLACE  16:18  19.55    23:20  07:02    DSCF0228 
NG438  Lancaster  F/Lt NICHOLLS  16:19  19.55  9500  22:54  06:35  No fighters were reported before target, but from 2003 to 2018 hrs about 8 a/c in all were seen shot down in flames from target area to about 0700 East.  DSCF0228 
PB560  Lancaster  F/Lt JACKSON  16:24  20:03  12500  23:17  06:53    DSCF0229 
SW259  Lancaster  F/O EDGE  16:27  19.55  10000  23:05  06:38  Blind Illuminator  DSCF0229 
ME368  Lancaster  F/O KEELER  16:28  20.03  8000  23:30  07:02    DSCF0229 
PA966  Lancaster  S/L ROBERTSON  16:30  18.58  13000  23:15  06:45  Blind Sky Marker. Task PFORZHEIM. Target attacked at 1958.18 hrs from 13,000 feet/ As A/C came in 1st Red TI seen to cascade at 1952 hrs. Red TI's seemed to be well placed except one to W of town with some illuminating flares near. Aslo one set of illuminating flares to N otherwise illuminating flares and marking were good. 'Cookie' bursts seen around TI's. Not much bombing early. Green TI's were seen as A/C was leaving target area. Glow of fires seen as far as 600 EE on return. One photo attempted. Bomb load 1 x GP No.1 R/G Cap. 6.1 x 4000 HC MIN 4 x 1000 ANM 59 TD 025  DSCF0229 
PB517  Lancaster III  S/L HAGUE  16:32  19:59  13000  23:10  06:38    DSCF0229 
PB611  Lancaster  F/Lt DOWNES  16:25  19.56  8000  23:30  07:05    DSCF0230 
PB468  Lancaster III  F/Lt HUGHES  16:29  19.55  10000  23:13  06:44    DSCF0230