156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Dortmund
Mission Date: 12/03/1945
Mission Comments: The deletion of Dortmund from our future target list was effected today when 5,000 tons of H.E. cascaded on the partially ruined city. This Squadron contributed 12 aircraft. The great raid was directed by S/L P.F. Clayton DSO DFC as Master Bomber, and the analogy is that he generalled over 7,000 front line men in the attack. F/L T.S. Harris was his Deputy. The attack was carried out in 10/10ths cloud, and smoke puff markers were visible continually in good concentration. The raid should be successful as the aircraft came in on right heading in a steady stream. As the Master Bomber left the target there was a huge circle of discoloured cloud over the city.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
ND929  Lancaster  F/O KEELER               
ND348  Lancaster  S/L LETFORD               
PB507  Lancaster  S/L CLAYTON  13:39  16.27  16100  18:42  05:03    DSCF0260 
PB468  Lancaster III  F/Lt HARRIS  13:39  16.33  18000  18:58  05:19    DSCF0261 
NE120  Lancaster  F/Lt NEAL  13:45  16.32  18000  18:09  04:24    DSCF0261 
PB611  Lancaster  S/L ROBERTSON  14:11  16.31  18000  18:24  04:13  Task DORTMUND. A/P "Q". Target attacked at 1631.30 hrs from 18,000 ft. On run into target 1st smoke puff blue seen to burst ahead at 1626 hrs fiollowed by a 2nd about 1/2 mile to SW at 1629.hrs. 1 minute later approx smoke puff Green seen to burst in the centre of these and own bombs released with this in sight. As A/C left more blue smoke puffs seen to back up own estimated A/P, in good continuity and well grouped and marking appeared good. Cloud tops appeared to be rising as a result of heat of fires below but no other results seen. One phot attempted.  DSCF0261 
PB375  Lancaster  F/Lt TAYLOR  13:34  16.30  17000  18:31  04:57    DSCF0263 
ND593  Lancaster  F/Lt HAMPSON  13:35  16.27  17,500  18:23  04:48    DSCF0263 
ME378  Lancaster  F/Lt ROWE  13:36  16.28  17400  18:18  04:42    DSCF0263 
ND875  Lancaster  F/Lt PAULL  13:38  16.37  16000  18:28  04:50    DSCF0263 
ME368  Lancaster  F/O TAYLOR (SERVED AS BENSON)  13:37  16.33  19400  18:36  04:59    DSCF0264