156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Lutzkendorf
Mission Date: 4/04/1945
Mission Comments: 16 aircraft detailed for night operations on TWO targets. 4 aircraft attacked the oil plant at HARBURG, near HAMBURG. The Master Bomber's instructions were clearly heard. Bombing was well concentrated on the TI's, which were well placed in a tight cluster. Two large explosions were reported. 12 aircraft attacked the oil plant at LUTZKENDORF, near LEIPZIG. Bombing was a little scattered at first but soon became concentrated under the Master Bomber's instructions. Several minor explosions were seen and some fires started with thick black smoke rising,
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
PB403  Lancaster III  F/Lt SUDUL  21:41  1.34  10000  05:43      DSCF0304 
ND899  Lancaster  F/Lt GRANT  21:52  1.35  16000  05:15      DSCF0304 
ME377  Lancaster  S/L LETFORD  21:56  01.26  12000  04:35      DSCF0304 
PB560  Lancaster  F/Lt TAYLOR  21:57  01.30  18000  05:11  07:14  Task LUTZKENDORF. Target attacked at 01.30.5 hours from 18,000 ft. Master Bomber clearly heard. On first run nothing was seen so we retained flares. Whilst we orbited TI Red fell at 01.25 hours and illuminating flares followed at once but were scattered and on different headings. TI Green fell at about 01.27 hours and these fell in the centre of the TI Red. No mixed TI Red and Green seen over target. Bombing seemed fair but no fires seen.  DSCF0304 
PB611  Lancaster  F/Lt JAMES  21:49  1.29  10500  04:46      DSCF0305 
ND875  Lancaster  F/Lt HUGHES  21:50  1.31  12000  05:05      DSCF0305 
ME368  Lancaster  F/Lt DERAMORE-DENVER  21:51  1.29  11000  04:56      DSCF0305 
ND591  Lancaster  F/Lt DOWNES  21:54  1.32  18000  05:13      DSCF0305 
NG438  Lancaster  F/Lt NEAL  21:37  1.31  15000  04:54      DSCF0306 
ND877  Lancaster  F/Lt WILSON  21:40  1.37  18000  05:02      DSCF0306 
ND929  Lancaster  F/O KEELER  21:42  1.24  18000  04:52      DSCF0306 
PB680  Lancaster  F/Lt PAULL  21:55  1.34  12000  04:59      DSCF0306