156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Frankfurt
Mission Date: 2/12/1942
Mission Comments: 9 aircraft detailed for operations, only 5 A/C were able to take off, and of these F/LT CYBULSKI landed at MANSTON AND Sgt DAVIES at DETLING. After refuelling F/LT CYBULSKI flew on to base.
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
Z1660  Wellington III  S/L GRIMSTON  01:25  4.20  13000  08:35    Target not identified and flares dropped at 0420 hrs from 13,000 feet. 3 barges seen near INGLEHEIM and these were bombed, but no results seen. Two sticks of flares dropped over DARMSTADT. Little flak only heavy in target area, but heavy concentrations of S/L's between MAINZ and FRANKFURT. At 0430 hrs A/C seen to fall in flames.  085 
DF635  Wellington  Sgt. DAVIES  01:40  4.26  15500  08:15      085 
BJ709  Wellington  Sgt. WHITE  02:00      04:45    Sortie abandoned due to icing and inter-comm failure.  085 
BK386  Wellington III  F/Lt CYBULSKI  02:00  4.30  14000  08:20    Small amount of heavy and light flak in GOUZEAU-COURT area, dog fight seen in progress and 1 A/C fell in flames and hit ground but without explosion.  085 
BK302  Wellington  S/L WOMERSLEY  21:45  4.29  11500  08:15    An A/C was seen falling in flames over CAMBRAI at 0330 hrs.  085