156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Leipzig
Mission Date: 19/02/1944
Mission Comments:
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
ND394  Lancaster  F/Sgt Cusick  23:54  4.14  23000  07:12    Bomb load 1 x 4000 HC 56x30 INC 1140 c 4 INC 120 x 4 INC " X" filled. LEIPZIG was attacked at 04.14 hours from 23,000 ft. Target identified by T.I. reds and green and green/red flares. Marking plentiful, but after doing orbit, none seen on return. Red glow lighting up cloud area of approx 20 square miles.Immediately after bombing one T.I. Green went down about 1 mile ahead. The report is as follows:- Winds early, and we did an extensive orbit at the target before bombing, A/C were on all sorts of headings. Good route.  cusick-1941-02-19