156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Chateau Bernapree
Mission Date: 27/07/1944
Mission Comments: 6 aircraft detailed for daylight operations on CHATEAU BERNAPRE C/WORKS. FLYING-BOMB SITES. 72 Aircraft - 36 Lancasters, 24 Stirlings, 12 Mosquitoes of 3 and 8 Group attacked 5 sites without loss. All of the targets were cloud covered and the bombing was 'confused and scattered'
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
ND808  Lancaster  F/Lt KITSON  18:01      21:20  03:19    DSCF0275 
NE120  Lancaster  W/C BURROUGH  18:01      21:18  03:17    DSCF0275 
ND422  Lancaster  S/L ROBERTSON  18:02      21:21  03:19  Chateau Bernapree C/Works. Abortive. Leading Mosquito failed and closed his bomb doors at 1957 hrs, he did not fire a cartridge. The leading Mosquito when we orbited to port over channel took up position at rear of formation and reserver Mosquito came to take over lead. The orbit was presumably made to allow the "A" wave to get in front. The leading wave bombed sucessfully - all except the S/B Lancaster in last pair who did not bomb. Bomb Load 18 x 500 MC TD .025  DSCF0275 
ND340  Lancaster  F/Lt TEMPLE  18:03  21:17  03:14    DSCF0275 
ND618  Lancaster III  P/O BRADSHAW  18:03      21:19  03:16    DSCF0275 
ND477  Lancaster  F/O PEEDELL  18:02  19.57    21:16  03:14    DSCF0276