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PFNTU 25/01/1944  Training  W7823  Halifax II  T/o 2115 Upwood tasked for a target indicator dropping exercise., but failed to gain height. Seconds later, having smashed through some trees, the Halifax was in a mass of flames in Upwood village on the south side of the airfield. 
RankInitSurnameDecorationUnitAgeDispositionService No.CemeteryCWGrefDeceased
                 F/Lt  B F McSorley  DFC  27  J/17664  SHORNCLIFFE MILITARY CEMETERY  2655248  25/01/1944 
                 F/Sgt  F J P Jervis  DFM  23  979438  WIGAN CEMETERY  2701188  25/01/1944 
                 F/O  G W C Candlin  DFC DFM  28  146286  BURY CEMETERY, Huntingdonshire  2949756  25/01/1944 
                 F/O  L L Oram      144455  RICHMOND CEMETERY, Surrey  2435381  25/01/1944 
                 Sgt.  W G Stoneman    34  1324455  TAMERTON FOLIOTT (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD  2811962  25/01/1944 
                 Sgt.  W Ellenor      1396585  IPSWICH CEMETERY  2720643  25/01/1944 
                 AC2  A R Kavanagh    29  1795814  RATHNEW CEMETERY  2701803  25/01/1944 
                 W/O1  H A W Jolly  DFM  22  629823  BUNGAY CEMETERY  2720331  25/01/1944 
                 Sgt.  B K Mitra    28  1560689  CAMBRIDGE CREMATORIUM  2651723  25/01/1944 
                 LAC  A C Preston    22  1356244  SOUTH EALING CEMETERY  2430372  26/01/1944 
PFNTU 9/03/1944  Training  EE120  Lancaster III  T/o 2045 Warboys for dual night conversion, an exercise which went well until 2130. Then as the Lancaster gathered speed for another circuit, its port tyre burst and moments later it lay wrecked alongside the runway with a smashed undercarriage. 
RankInitSurnameDecorationUnitAgeDispositionService No.CemeteryCWGrefDeceased
                 S/L  M Sattler  DFC +           
                 S/L  E W Blenkinsop  DFC  24  J/3467  RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL  1529965  23/01/1945 
                 F/Lt  ? Clarke             
PFNTU 10/04/1944  Training  JB471  Lancaster III  T/o Warboys for a cross country exercise. At approximately 1800, the bomber caught fire in the air and crashed near Llanwrtyd Wells in Breckonshire, a small town off the A483 road and roughly midway between LLandoverly and Builth Wells. F/L Sloper had recently completed a tour of pathfinder duties with 156 Squadron. 
RankInitSurnameDecorationUnitAgeDispositionService No.CemeteryCWGrefDeceased
                 F/Lt  J L Sloper  DFC +  21  147214  Bath (Haycombe) Cemetery  2691752  10/04/1944 
                 W/C  J D Green    28  33253  GOLDERS GREEN CREMATORIUM  2430868  10/04/1944 
                 Sgt.  S J Warrenger      2220811  Bath (Haycombe) Cemetery  2691786  10/04/1944 
                 W/O2  A P Malzan    30  R/750  Bath (Haycombe) Cemetery  2691679  10/04/1944 
                 F/Sgt  G J B Shields    28  R/164713  Bath (Haycombe) Cemetery  2691749  10/04/1944 
                 Sgt.  H Johnstone    22  1119201  WHITBURN CEMETERY  2812817  10/04/1944 
                 Sgt.  W W Farmer    21  1603478  Bath (Haycombe) Cemetery  2691591  10/04/1944 
                 Sgt.  J H Cleminson-Passey    23  2210186  WIDNES CEMETERY  2701109  10/04/1944 
PFNTU 2/09/1944  Training  JB155??  Lancaster III  T/o 1109 Warboys for crew training, including three engined flying pratice. Approached the runway at 1129, on three, the port outer cut. S/L Price tried to go round again, but stalled and crash landed. Some doubt about this serial! See 7 Sqn 22/11/43 
RankInitSurnameDecorationUnitAgeDispositionService No.CemeteryCWGrefDeceased
                 S/L  A O Price  DFC           
                 F/O  J R Hartley             
                 F/Lt  P E Cawthorne  DFC  23  417049  BECKLINGEN WAR CEMETERY  2107305  4/04/1945 
PFNTU 5/10/1944  Transit  ED952  Lancaster III  T/o 1130 Warboys with crew of two to Florennes in Belgium. Landed and taxied into a loosely filled bomb crater and wrecked as a consequence. 
RankInitSurnameDecorationUnitAgeDispositionService No.CemeteryCWGrefDeceased
                 S/L  J A Weber  DFC           
PFNTU 31/12/1944  Training  DZ589  Mosquito IV  T/o 1207 Warboys for a high level exercise. When the port engine caught fire at 12,000 feet, and being unable to feather the unit or quell the blaze, the crew baled out, leaving the aircraft to crash at 1257, at Benwick on the Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire border, 6 miles SW of March. 
RankInitSurnameDecorationUnitAgeDispositionService No.CemeteryCWGrefDeceased
                 F/O  P Germaine             
PFNTU 3/02/1945  Training  DZ437  Mosquito IV  T/o 2008 Warboys and crashed almost immediately some 800 yards SE of the airfield. Both officers were taken to RAF Hospital Ely. 
RankInitSurnameDecorationUnitAgeDispositionService No.CemeteryCWGrefDeceased
                 F/O  A J Bodger  DFC           
                 F/Lt  G H Hart             
PFNTU 19/02/1945  Training  DK313  Mosquito IV  T/o 2100 Warboys for a night cross country. On return to base at 2331 the weather had deteriorated and while turning towards the outer Drem lights, F/L Haley allowed his speed to drop and as a result he sideslipped and crashed. 
RankInitSurnameDecorationUnitAgeDispositionService No.CemeteryCWGrefDeceased
                 F/Lt  V G Haley  MM    137293  BEXHILL CEMETERY  2722633  19/02/1945 
                 F/Lt  D V Bidder  MID  30  49334  WEST THORNEY (ST. NICHOLAS) CHURCHYARD  2959302  19/02/1945 
PFNTU 2/03/1945  Training  KB206  Mosquito XX  T/o 1900 Warboys for a high level night cross country, the crew being briefed to fly at 27,000 feet. At around 2100, the Mosquito broke up and crashed at Yew Tree Farm, Basford Cheddleton, S of Leek, Stafford. 
RankInitSurnameDecorationUnitAgeDispositionService No.CemeteryCWGrefDeceased
                 F/Lt  A I Albertson  AFC  30  80126  CAMBRIDGE CITY CEMETERY  2650878  2/03/1945 
                 F/Sgt  R J Eaton    20  430960  CAMBRIDGE CITY CEMETERY  2651061  2/03/1945 
PFNTU 4/03/1945  Training  MM683  Oxford I  T/o 1120 Warboys for a day navigation sortie. While descending through cloud, flew into high ground (1,000 feet above sea level) about a mile south of Edale in the Derbyshire Peak District. All were taken to RAF Hospital Wilmslow. 
RankInitSurnameDecorationUnitAgeDispositionService No.CemeteryCWGrefDeceased
                 F/Lt  F B Gipson  DFC +           
                 F/Lt  D I Jones  DFC           
                 F/Lt  W J Barclay  DFC           
                 F/O  V P Skene-Rees             
PFNTU 28/04/1945  Training  ND928  Lancaster III  T/o Warboys and written off in a landing mishap at base after failing to gain height from an overshoot. 
RankInitSurnameDecorationUnitAgeDispositionService No.CemeteryCWGrefDeceased
                 F/Lt  ? Brown             
                 P/O  H A B Brewington             
                 F/O  ? Fallow             
                 F/O  J C Boadway             
                 F/O  ? Reynolds             
                 F/Sgt  ? Graham             
                 F/Sgt  ? Stoddard             
PFNTU 6/05/1945  Training  KB233  Mosquito XX  T/o Warboys fo a high level night cross country. Dived at 0010 and disintegrated, the bulk of the wreckage being recovered from the railway line between Lydney and Gloucester, 
RankInitSurnameDecorationUnitAgeDispositionService No.CemeteryCWGrefDeceased
                 S/L  W H Corbet  DFC  24  41152  HALTON (ST. MICHAEL) CHURCHYARD  2706427  7/05/1945 
                 1stLt  P E R Brievik        NOT KNOWN  ????????  7/04/1945