156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
14/02/1942  Saturday  To-day marks the formation of a new Squadron at Aclonbury - No 156. The personnel of 40 Squadron who moved to Malta towards the end of October, 1941, had originally been given this number, but they have been allowed to retain their old number. All the property of the old 40 Squadron has been collected together and is now in safe custody at Upton House pending instructions regarding it. A great deal of kit was left at Alconbury owing to the suddenness of the move overseas., this has all been collected now. Much of it is still in Wyton, but there is still a fair amount at Alconbury, which will shortly be transferred to Wyton after being properly labelled. P/O CHANDLER, who has been Signals Officer at Alconbury for some time is proceeding to 13 I.T.W. Torquay, for a Pilots course. P/O BAIN and crew today did a cross country. Three crews from 'A' Flight flew to Blackpool and back           
15/02/1942  Sunday  P/O NICHOLLS reported here. He is attached here for Station Defence from Wyton. Three crews from 'B' Flight did Air Tests. One crew from 'A' Flight carried out an Air Test, one flew to Newmarket and back and four did Night Flying Tests.           
16/02/1942  Monday  F/Sgt GREEN is to be posted to 57 Squadron w.e.f. for aircrew duties. Sgt. SMITH is posted to 1651 Conversion Unit and Sgt WHITBREAD to 419 Squadron w.e.f. 21.2.42 . Five crews from 'B' Flight to-day carried out Bombing Practice, one an Air Test and one local flying. Three crews from 'A' flight did Bombing Practice at Lakenheath Range, one flew to Pershore and back and one did a night flying test. Sgt HOLMES is to be posted to 21 O.T.U. w.e.f. 2.3.42. He has completed his tour of Operations and will take up Instructor duties. One aircraft from Alconbury took off on a nickel raid on the Lille area. 10/10 cloud prevailed over the North Sea and the French Coast could not beseen. All nickels were dropped.  Lille         
17/02/1942  Tuesday  Two crews from 'B' Flight carried out Air Tests an one a Night Flying Test. Three aircraft took off on operations against ESSEN. Results could not be observered owing to 10/10 cloud. Two crews from 'A' Flight did cross countries, one flew to Newmarket and back and two did night flying tests.  Essen         
18/02/1942  Wednesday  P/O FOX reported here from Binbrook, also SGT NEWALL. F/O PARKER has completed his tour of operations and left to-day for 23 O.T.U Pershore. He is a Canadian pilot and very popular. One aircraft of 'B' Flight did an air test, one circuits and landings and a third a cross country. One aircraft of 'A' Flight did local flying.           
19/02/1942  Thursday  The first Mark III Wellington for the new Squadron was ferried here from Honington. Operations were ordered for to-night. Two aircraft set out to bomb ESSEN. Results were not observed owing to clouds. Three aircraft of 'B' Flight did air tests, and four did cross countries. Two aircraft of 'A' Flight flew to Dumfries and back.  Essen         
20/02/1942  Friday  Five crews, which were going to the Middle East, left for Waterbeach to-day. SGT LOCKE an Australian attended a Medical Board at Cardington for his Commission. Four aircraft of 'B' Flight did Air Tests and one local flying. Three aircraft of 'A' Flight did Air Tests           
21/02/1942  Saturday  The weather here has turned colder and snow set in today. P/O WAUGH and P/O DOW left for Waterbeach. They are proceeding to the Middle East.           
22/02/1942  Sunday  Wintry conditions still prevail but there is not much snow. Sgt GRAYLAND is reporting tomorrow to Turnstile House, High Holburn, London. He goes to America, probably on 25.2.42. Sgt BROWN, W/Op. AG. Reported from Wyton (N.E.). Two crews from 'A' Flight did Air Tests. One crew from 'B' Flight did an Air Test one local flying and one took off for an experience on a Mark III. Two crews from 'A' Flight did Air Tests. Operations were ordered for tonight but were cancellled.           
23/02/1942  Monday  AC2 SMITH, E W/Op. has been granted a Commission w.e.f. 4.3.42. He went on leave today to get his uniform. F/O DOBSON arrived back from Oakington where he has been instructing for the past week.           
24/02/1942  Tuesday  P/O BUDGE reported here from Kinloss. Three crews from 'B' Flight did Night Flying Tests           
25/02/1942  Wednesday  Operations were ordered for to-night but were cancelled later. One crew flew to Meu to collect an aircraft and one did local flying and one a Night Flying Test.           
26/02/1942  Thursday  F/O J.J. BARR, was posted to Wyton, 1504 B.A.T.F. for flying Instructor duties. Sgt McKEE was posted here from 6 Group. Two crews from 'B' Flight flew to Waterbeach and back. F/Sgt HOBBS was taken up on an altitude test. One aircraft of 'A' flight flew to Bassingbourn and back.           
27/02/1942  Friday  Four crews from 'B' flight did cross countries, one local flying, one Air Firing and three night flying tests.           
28/02/1942  Saturday  P/O BRENER, Sgt. McGRIFFIN, Sgt. WOOF, Sgt. KIRKERS, Sgt. CARNES Sgt. SCOTT and Sgt. SHEPHARD were posted here from 12 O.T.U. Six crews carried out a search for missing aircraft but none of these could be found. Visibility was very poor.  Search for Aircraft