156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/03/1942  Sunday  Owing to adverse weather conditions there was no flying today.           
2/03/1942  Monday  Four crews from 'A' Flight and three crews from 'B' flight carried out Night Flying Tests. Operations were ordered for to-night but were cancelled later. P/O H.S. CARTER, Observer was posted to this unit from 75 Squadron and SGT. STEVENS from 1483 T.T. & G. Flight for aircrew details.           
3/03/1942  Tuesday  Operations were ordered for to-night and six aircraft set out to bomb the RENAULT Works at Paris. Results were very satisfactory. P/O. H. BRENER, Observer reported here on posting from Chipping Warden.  Paris         
4/03/1942  Wednesday  P/O. L.J. ACKLAND (Pilot) was posted to 1505 BATF. For instructor details.           
5/03/1942  Thursday  One crew from 'B' Flight flew to Marham and Honiington. One crew from Marham to Base and two crews from Honington to base.           
6/03/1942  Friday  One aircraft from 'A' Flight and one from 'B' Flight did air tests. One aircraft from 'A' Flight flew to Feltwell and Wyton, and one to Feltwell, Waterbeach and return.           
7/03/1942  Saturday  F/O. MACDONALD. Adjutant, left for Wilmslow on posting from Air Ministry.           
8/03/1942  Sunday  One crew from 'A' Flight flew to Tangmere and one crew from Tangmere to Llandow. One aircraft was flown from Llandow to Wyton, and one aircraft from Llandow to Alconbury, both by 'A' Flight, also one aircraft from Tangmere to Alconbury. One crew from 'A' Flight carried out Air Firing in a Mark III, one did local flying and one flew to Newmarket and return. From 'B' Flight one crew did local flying, one flew to Blackpool and return, and one from Blackpool to base. One aircraft was also flown from Newmarket to Base. Wellington aircraft X.3333 (Mk. III) being ferried from Feltwell by 'B' Flight crashed on landing at Base. No Casualties.  Ferry         
9/03/1942  Monday  A search was ordered for this morning and three aircraft set out. Four aircraft from 'A' Flight did Night Flying Tests, and two from 'B' Flight carried out air tests. Operations were ordered for tonight and two aircraft set out to bomb ESSEN, and four to bomb the docks at BOULOGNE. F/O EAGLETON reported from Newmarket to take up duties as Adjutant.  Essen  Boulogne  Search for Aircraft     
10/03/1942  Tuesday  One aircraft from 'A' Flight took off for T.F. Test and practice. Honington-Marham-Base. One aircraft from 'A' Flight did air test, and three night flying tests. Two crews from 'B' Flight flew to Blackpool, and one did Night Flying Test. SGT GRIFFITH A.G. (Pilot) has been granted a Commission w.e.f. 24.2.42 and given leave to obtain uniform. P/O STRACHAN, W.A. (A/G) reported from 101 Sqdn. To take up duties as Signals Officer. Operations were ordered for to-night, and two aircraft set out to bomb ESSEN.  Essen         
11/03/1942  Wednesday  One crew from 'A' Flight flew to Mildenhall to Base.           
12/03/1942  Thursday  Two test flights carried out today.           
13/03/1942  Friday  Three aircraft took part in a sea search without result. Two aircraft carried out air/sea firing practice. Two did T.R. Training and two night flying tests. Four aircraft were detailed for operations but those were cancelled.  Search for Aircraft         
14/03/1942  Saturday  Four aircraft carried out local flying practice on conversion. One aircraft was engaged on Dual instruction.           
15/03/1942  Sunday  Four aircraft on Night Flying Tests, four on local flying, one on cross country practice flight and one air test was carried out.           
16/03/1942  Monday  One aircraft carried out T.T. practice, two were on local flying and one was ferried to Wyton. F/LT M.H. FRAME reported on posting for Adjutant Duties.           
17/03/1942  Tuesday  Six cross country training flights and one T.R. cross country were carried out.           
18/03/1942  Wednesday  Four aircraft carried out local flying practice and one did T.R. training. One air firing exercise was abandoned owing to sea fog, and one bombing practice flight was carried out in Holkham Bay area. A/W/Cdr. P.G. HEATH, was promoted to Temp W/Cdr. w.e.f. 1.3.42. P/O GRIFFITH reported for duty on commissioning.           
19/03/1942  Thursday  All flying cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. F/O EAGLETON returned to Newmarket on cessation of attachment.           
20/03/1942  Friday  Low cloud, fog and rain, prevented any flying activity. Ground instruction and T.R. training carried out.           
21/03/1942  Saturday  Continued adverse weather. Ground training as for 21st.           
22/03/1942  Sunday  Two air firing practices detailed, one returned early due to unsuitable weather. One aircraft was ferried from Wyton to Base.           
23/03/1942  Monday  One air firing exercise was completed. One cross country flight to Cosford was abandoned due to weather conditions. Four night flying tests were carried out, but operations and night cross country programme were cancelled on account of weather.           
24/03/1942  Tuesday  Operations were detailed and cancelled. One T.R. practice and two air firing practices were effected. One aircraft was ferried from Wyton.           
25/03/1942  Wednesday  One aircraft was ferried to Wyton and another brought back. Four cross country practices, three air tests and local practices were carried out. One aircraft flew to Feltwell and returned. Three aircraft were detailed for operations. F/LT WILLS was attacked by enemy fighters before reaching his target causing damage to his aircraft. He jettisoned his bombs and returned, landing at Newmarket, where his undercarriage collapsed due to damage sustained in engagement with E/A. No casualties suffered by crew and the aircraft was categorised AC. SGT SHILETTO returned early with inter-comm trouble. P/O PINION did not take off on operations, his aircraft having been damaged by a taxying Stirling of No. 15 Squadron while marshalling for take-off.  Gardening         
26/03/1942  Thursday  One aircraft proceeded to Cosford and returned. One cross country and air firing practice flight was made. Two aircraft flew to Newmarket and return on T.R. training. One practice bombing and one air firing practice were completed. Two aircraft were ferried to Wyton and one brought back.           
27/03/1942  Friday  Three cross country flights (one including bombing practice) and three air firing practices completed. Two local practice flights were made and two aircraft were ferried to Wyton, one being brought back. F/SGT EVANS E. (A.G.) was appointed to commissioned rank w.e.f. 21.3.42           
28/03/1942  Saturday  One aircraft flew to Newmarket and returned. Two cross country and bombing practice flights were effected. Two local practice and two test flights were made.           
29/03/1942  Sunday  Four aircraft engaged on a sea search of 5/6 hours duration, but without useful result. Two aircraft carried out T.R. practice an anither air firing practice. Two aircraft were ferried to Wyton and two were brought back. P/O BUDGE (N.Z. Pilot) posted to 75 (NZ) Squadron at own request. (ed: KIA 6/4/42 with 75 Squadron on mission to Koln)  Search for Aircraft         
30/03/1942  Monday  Four cross country practice flights carried out , and one flight to HENLOW and return. One aircraft was ferried from Base to Wyton, and another from Wyton to Base.           
31/03/1942  Tuesday  SGT SHEFFIELD, J. appointed to commissioned rank w.e.f. 23.3.42. One aircraft was ferried to Wyton. No other flying took place.