156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/05/1942  Friday  No operations detailed. Four aircraft ferried from Wyton. One to E. Wretham and return. 'B' Flight changed to Wellington Ic aircraft temporarily. Case of C.S.M. reported. Stand down p.m.           
2/05/1942  Saturday  Six N.F.T.'S carried out and one aircraft to Feltwell, Watton and return. LAC ROBINSON appointed to a commission (Electrical). Six aircraft engaged in sea mining operations.  Gardening         
3/05/1942  Sunday  S/LDR MILES, P/O BROWN and crew, reported for duty (O.C. 'B' Flight). Six aircraft operated against HAMBURG. SGT McLACHLAN claimed M.E.110 shot down by his rear gunner SGT SCOTT.  Hamburg         
4/05/1942  Monday  No operations. One aircraft ferried from Wyton and one carried out local flying practice.           
5/05/1942  Tuesday  Nine N.F.T'S carried out. Three cross countries satisfactorily completed. Nine aircraft operated sucessfully . (5 Mk.III. And 4 Mk.Ic.)  Stuttgart  Nantes       
6/05/1942  Wednesday  No operations detailed. F/SGT MacLACHLAN appointed to Commissioned rank w.e.f. 30.4.42. Two cross countries and two petrol consumption flights carried out.           
7/05/1942  Thursday  Operations detailed and cancelled. Seven N.F.T. 3 air firing and two cross country flights effected. Two crews on night flying practice. Concert party in N.A.A.F.I.           
8/05/1942  Friday  Nine aircraft detailed for operations. Seven air tests made. One cross country flight and one aircraft to Marham and return. Four aircraft operated sucessfully.  Warnemunde         
9/05/1942  Saturday  No operations. Five cross country, two dual instructions, one air firing, one turret test carried out. One aircraft to Newmarket. One from Docking.           
10/05/1942  Sunday  Operations detailed and cancellled. Nine N.F.T's carried out. One aircraft returned from Newmarket.           
11/05/1942  Monday  Four N.F.T's carried out. One aircraft ferried from Wyton. Operations cancelled.           
12/05/1942  Tuesday  Ten aircraft carried out air tests, one engaged on dual contruction instruction. One to Bourne and return and one weather test flight was made.           
13/05/1942  Wednesday  Five N.F.T's carried out. One dual instruction an two air test flights were made. No operations.           
14/05/1942  Thursday  Operations detailed and cancelled. Four N.F.T's four airtests, two air firing and two blind approach flights were carried out.           
15/05/1942  Friday  Operations detailed and cancelled. Seven N.F.T's carried out.           
16/05/1942  Saturday  Twelve N.F.T's carried out. Two dual instruction flights and two to Stradishall and return. Operations cancelled.           
17/05/1942  Sunday  Fourteen N.F.T's carried out and one cross country flight. Thirteen aircraft operated sucessfully. (Seven main and six freshmen.)  Gardening  Boulogne       
18/05/1942  Monday  No operations. Two aircraft ferried to Wyton and two brought back. Two calibration flights carried out. Dance held in Sergeants' Mess.           
19/05/1942  Tuesday  Twelve N.F.T's carried out. One aircraft ferried to Dishforth. S/LDR McGILLIVRAY and crew failed to return. Suspected seen shot down in Charleville area on outward journey as reported by P/O BAIN. Thirteen aircraft operated.  Mannheim  St Nazaire       
20/05/1942  Wednesday  Eight N.F.T's and one cross country flight carried out. One aircraft ferried from Wyton. Operations cancelled just prior to take-off.           
21/05/1942  Thursday  Warm with heavy fog. Twelve aircraft detailed for operations. Three N.F.T's, one local practice one dual instruction flight carried out. One aircraft to Stradishall to collect. One aircraft ferried to Wyton. SGT HAYES appointed to Commissioned rank. Five aircraft operated, all being diverted on return.  Gardening         
22/05/1942  Friday  No operations. Squadron visited by Lord Trenchard, who gave informal talk to air crews. Two cross country flights carried out, remainder of sqiadron stood down. One aircraft ferried from Wyton. Warning received to be on alert against low level fighter attacks by enemy.           
23/05/1942  Saturday  All air and ground crew recalled from leave with effect from 25th to prepare for major effort. Eight N.F.T.'s and two cross countries carried out. One dual and three local practice flights made. No operations, Lecture to aircrew by Inteligence Officer.           
24/05/1942  Sunday  Fourteen N.F.T's made. One aircraft ferried to Wyton and one collected. Unofficial visit from A.O.C. who inspected camp and aerodrome. Two cross country flights carried out. Operations cancelled late. Night flying circuits and landing executed.           
25/05/1942  Monday  Nine N.F.T's made. One cross country and eight aircraft engaged in formation flying practice. One aircraft ferried to Wyton. Operations cancelled.           
26/05/1942  Tuesday  Stormy weather. Ten N.F.T's made and operations cancelled. Two aircraft ferried to Wyton and three brought back. One cross country and two dual instructions flight made.           
27/05/1942  Wednesday  Eleven N.F.T's made. One aircraft ferried from Wyton, one to Stradishall and one to Waterbeach. One aircraft carried out air firing practice. Thirteen aircraft were detailed for operations which were cancelled late. As was also night flying practice.           
28/05/1942  Thursday  S/LDR COLLIER resported with crew on posting to command 'A' Flight. Fifteen N.F.T's carried out before operations cancelled due widespread thunderstorms. Crews attended film lecture. American Intelligence officers visited the Station.           
29/05/1942  Friday  Fourteen N.F.T's carried out but only six aircraft operated. Four freshman crews operated on St. NAZAIRE, and two crews on PARIS. W/Cdr. HEATH failed to returned from the Paris raid entailing the loss of a valuable crew. The other crew on the Paris effort was badly shot up, cloud having been below 2,000'. Two pilots received dual instruction by day and two executed dual circuits and landings by night.  Gennevilliers  St Nazaire       
30/05/1942  Saturday  Seventeen aircraft were detailed for maximum effort on COLOGNE. Seventeen N.F.T.'s were carried out and sixteen aircraft operated with highly sucessful results. Two aircraft failed to return from this raid, the heaviest of the war to date. (1100 aircraft)  Koln         
31/05/1942  Sunday  A/WCdr. H.L. PRICE D.F.C., assumed command of the Squadron. Nine aircraft carried out N.F.T'S, operations being cancelled later. One aircraft was ferried to Wyton, one made an air test and two carried our local flying practice.